Our Fire Stations are numbered in a regional numbering system with our response partners. Urbandale is assigned the "400" series numbers and the first digit of a station number identifies that station as an Urbandale station. The second number is the station number given on an east to west grid. Station #41 is our most eastern station, Station#42 is the next station and Station #43 is our most western station. 

Fire apparatus is much the same with the first number identifying the apparatus as an Urbandale unit and the next two numbers identifying the station (1, 2 or 3) and the third number represents the use of the apparatus. As an example, A413 is an Urbandale unit (4), located at station 41 (1) and is an ambulance (3) - 413.

Some apparatus are reserve units meaning they are placed into service when maintenance is needed on another unit. L415 and E421 are examples and although their numbers show Station 41 and 42, they are legacy numbers and when pressed into service, they assume the number of the station that they are working from.  

Fire Station #41

7100 Douglas Avenue, Urbandale IA 50322

Station 41

Fire Station #42

3927 121st Street, Urbandale IA 50323


Station #43

15100 Meredith Dr., Urbandale IA 50323