Office of the Fire Marshal

Within the Office of the Fire Marshal you will find information the city's fire code, commercial inspections, fireworks and what you can do to prevent fires.

Fire Marshal Biography

Business Inspections
Members of the Urbandale Fire Department conduct fire prevention inspections of local businesses. These inspections help the department, as well as the businesses, identify both positive areas and those of concern.

Business Pre-Planning
The Urbandale Fire Department regularly conducts pre-plans of local businesses. The pre-plans are done in preparation for emergency situations.
City Fire Code

The City of Urbandale has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code (IFC), with amendments.
Commercial Checklist for New Buildings

The Urbandale Fire Department provides this checklist as a summary of Fire Code requirements for new buildings in the City of Urbandale.

Facility Tours
Has your business remodeled or started to store hazardous chemicals on site? The Urbandale Fire Department needs to know, so the UFD’s can update its emergency plans.

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