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Are you thinking about a career in law enforcement?

Urbandale Police Officers work closely with citizens to keep the public safe. Urbandale Police Officers perform law enforcement and crime prevention services for the safety and the protection of life and property of the Urbandale community. Urbandale Police Department adheres to the Motto “Service Built on Integrity,” and preserves peace, order, safety, and problem resolution for the Urbandale community. Urbandale Police Department provides officers with many opportunities for advancement, including specialized police responsibilities and/or units, such as, but not limited to: Accident Investigation (AI); Field Training Officer; Firearms Instructor; Bike Patrol; Community Relations Officer; School Resource Officer; Suburban Narcotics Unit; Suburban Emergency Response Team (SWAT).

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Patrol Division 

Patrol Officers interpret and enforce municipal, state, and federal regulations, codes, laws or ordinances, for the protection and education in assigned areas of the city. Patrol Officers respond to immediate calls for services in answering of complaints, including handling “walk-in” complaints. Patrol Officers conduct preliminary investigations of crimes and complete appropriate reports, including, but not limited to: major crimes; traffic; theft; personal/familial and neighborhood disputes/assaults; intoxication; residential/commercial security alarms; etc. Urbandale Police Officers make a determination to arrest and processes arrested subject(s), which includes, but is not limited to: searching and/or seizing persons, vehicles, and/or property; collecting, preserving, and processing evidence; interviewing victims/witnesses/suspects; transporting offenders; testifying in court proceedings; etc.

Police Officers identify and correct safety hazards around public roadways, including, but not limited to: crash analysis, accident investigations; assisting stalled motorists or disabled vehicles; directing and controlling traffic; providing information on hazardous street conditions (e.g. non-working traffic signals, visibility during blizzards, flooded roadways, etc.), impounding vehicles, checking vehicle registration, issues traffic citations, etc.

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Criminal Investigations Division 

The Urbandale Criminal Investigations Division consists of General Investigations Detectives, Cyber Crimes, Narcotics Detectives as well as the department's Crime Scene Investigations Unit.  Detectives are selected from a list of certified officers through an interview and application process.  

The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for follow-up investigation on all criminal incidents, intelligence gathering and dissemination, and providing crime scene processing. The division operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by utilizing regular work hours and on-call hours.

Crime Scene Investigation is a collateral duty assigned to certified officers to work with the Criminal Investigation Division. The Crime Scene Investigators have received extensive training in the collection, preservation, and retention of evidence for criminal prosecution.

The Urbandale Police Department participates in a multi-jurisdictional drug task force called the Mid-Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force (M.I.N.E.). The task force is comprised of 18 state and local law enforcement agencies with a primary objective of investigating all levels of drug violations and vice-related crimes. The Urbandale Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division currently has one sergeant and one investigator assigned to the task force.

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Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is responsible for bridging the gap between the community and the department.  This is done through a variety of tasks to include: Records Management System, Property and Evidence, CALEA Accreditation, School Resource Officer, School Crossing Guard Program, Culture of Integrity Classes, Community Relations, Press Information Office, Special Event Planning, Animal Control, Police Chaplain Program, Police Matrons, Building Maintenance, Holding Facility Management, Departmental Inventory, Citizen’s Police Academy, R.A.D. Program, Department Social Media, and Controlled Deer Bow Hunt. 

The Support Services Division also plans, promotes, and hosts multiple large-scale community events throughout the year by working with local businesses and organizations to promote safety and a culture of integrity.

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