Written Test

Each applicant will be required to pass a written test, commonly referred to the POST (Police Officer Selection Test). There are four separate subtests in the exam. They are Math, Reading, Grammar and Report Writing. Each part is timed. A passing score of 70% is required on each subtest in order to pass the entire exam. Failing one of the subtests will eliminate an applicant from this recruitment process. Please know that only those applicants with the highest passing POST scores will proceed in the recruitment process, so it is important to prepare and put forth the best effort on this exam. You can get a study guide by contacting a recruiter.

Physical Test

The physical fitness test (Cooper Test) consists of three exercises. Police officer applicants must pass ALL three of the sub-parts to be considered further in the selection process. 50 percent of applicants fail the Cooper Test because they have not prepared themselves. Even if you exercise regularly, you may not be able to pass. The key is preparation.

Sub-test #1: Sit Ups
This is a test of general body strength.  The testing position is bent knee (knees elevated off the ground), rising from a reclining position to touch the back of the elbows to the top of the knees and return to a reclining position where your shoulders touch the mat before rising again.  Hands with fingers interlocked behind the head or neck, the fingers must not come apart. You may not use your hips to thrust yourself up, your hips must remain on the mat. One attempt, with a one-minute time limit to reach the minimum.

Sub-test #2: Push Ups
This is a test of upper body strength.  Push-ups are "military style" with legs straight, hands positioned under the shoulders. The test begins with arms extended (body raised), then lower the body to within 3-4 inches of the ground and complete by returning to an extended arm position.  One attempt, with a one-minute time limit to reach the minimum.

Sub-test #3: 1.5 Mile Run
This is a general test of endurance.  Runner's aids other than appropriate clothing/running shoes are not permitted. One attempt is allowed.  The time limit is the maximum allowed.

Performance Standards For Physical Fitness Testing


Sub-testAge 18-29Age 30-39Age 40-49Age 50-59Age 60+
1.5 Mile Run12:5113:3614:2915:2616:43


Sub-testAge 18-29Age 30-39Age 40-49Age 50-59Age 60+
1.5 Mile Run15:2615:5716:5817:5418:44

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