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Miracle League Field

Subfacility of Northview Park

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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Baseball / Softball
  3. Public Art
The Miracle League is a baseball/softball league for children with special needs from age 5 – 18 and adults 19 and older.  The Miracle League is just like baseball.  Players will bat, round the bases, catch, throw, and hit Home Runs in this field with 180 foot fences!  The field has spacious dugouts designed to accommodate wheel chairs.  There are a few differences in how the game is played.

• Each player has a buddy that gets to assist them.
• Each player will bat once each inning.
• Every player is safe, no one is out.
• Every player will score a run before the inning is over.
• The last player up hits a HOME RUN.
• Every game ends in a tie.
• A game will last two innings or an hour.
• Special rubberized playing surface.