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Proclamation Request

  1. (e.g. First Responders Week)

  2. (You are limited to 1,200 characters. Please be concise, unnecessarily lengthy proclamations will not be accepted.)

    WHEREAS, [the event’s significance; the reason why the association recognizes the day/week/month as important; or a little history on the item being proclaimed]; and

    WHEREAS, [the significance of the event to the residents of Urbandale, the community, or a segment of the community; the theme of the day/week/month and how that impacts Urbandale; or the reason the proclamation is important to the community].  

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Robert D. Andeweg, Mayor of the City of Urbandale, on behalf of the City Council, proclaim: [what this proclamation is for] in the City of Urbandale [or the tie that binds the proclamation to Urbandale].  

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