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Application to Serve on City Board, Commission or Committee

  1. Please indicate which Board, Commission or Committee you are interested in serving on.*

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  2. List your educational and professional experience, and/or your biographical information that would help you succeed as a member of the Board, Commission or Committee
  3. Gender & Transgender Status
    The City does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression, and strives to comply with the State of Iowa’s gender balance statute. In order to ensure our Boards, Commissions and Committees are free of gender partiality, and to meet State of Iowa gender balance guidelines, please check one of the following:
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  5. Thank You!
    Your completed form will be sent to the City Clerk. The Clerk's office can be contacted at 515-278-3900.
  6. Next Steps.
    The Mayor reviews applications of interest when a Board, Commission or Committee has an opening. This could be either due to a member's term expiring or due to a member stepping down early.
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