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Urbandale Public Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Rules

The rules are posted in the locker rooms and on pool deck. These rules have been set for the health and safety of all patrons. Please follow the rules and treat those who enforce them with respect. Please enter the pool area through the locker rooms, taking a shower prior to entering the pool. No access to the pool is allowed through the side emergency exit.

Water Temperature

Our pool is mainly used for recreational purposes and we keep the water temperature between 84 to 86 degrees to accommodate all types of activities in the water.

Pool Equipment

Kick boards, hand paddles and pull buoys are available for use during cardiovascular swims.


Lockers are available for patrons use while they are using the facility. Please bring your own padlock to lock the locker and remove it at the end of each day. If you forget a padlock, you can purchase 1 at the pool for $5. The Urbandale Pool is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Refund Policy

To be eligible for a refund you must cancel at least 7 days before the first class meeting (14 days prior for pool rentals). After that, no refunds will be given unless the program or class is cancelled or the participant is unable to participate because of unforeseen medical reasons. The refund will then be prorated based on the number of classes attended. If more than 50% of the program has been completed, no refund will be issued. Refunds will not be issued for circumstances beyond our control, e.g., weather or electrical outages. Please allow 3 weeks for a refund to be processed.


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