Annual PCC Patch Program

Project Description:

Each year, the City of Urbandale patches a number of city streets that are in need of repair.  The work is divided into two projects, one in western Urbandale and one in eastern Urbandale.  Please see below for more details of each phase, including webmaps of completed patches.  Also below is contact info if you have questions during construction.  Residents will be notified when work will be nearing their area.  Thanks for your patience during this work.

Phase 1 West

Phase 1 is in western Urbandale and includes the areas from 140th Street to 148th Street and from Briarwood Lane to WIlden Circle. The 2022 Patch Project Phase 1 has been awarded to the Concrete Contracting Company, Inc.

Phase 1 Project Status Update - 11/23/2022

The Concrete Contracting Company has completed street patching.  The Contractor is working on completing remaining sidewalk ramps.

Please flag your irrigation for the contractor's information; they will attempt to minimize impacts and repair irrigation as needed.  Please contact our office at 515-278-3950 or if you have any concerns.


Phase 2 East

Phase 2 is in eastern Urbandale and includes Parkside Circle, Mary Lynn Drive, Sherry Lane, Eula Drive, Linda Drive, Sandler Drive, and Beverly Drive. The 2022 Patch Project Phase 2 has been awarded to TK Concrete.

Phase 2 Project Status Update - 11/14/2022

All patching and sidewalk work is complete.  TK Concrete is working on remaining restoration issues.  Sandler Drive has been re-opened.

Please contact our office at 515-278-3950 or if you have any concerns.