Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard shown here displays live data from this quarter

The gauges shown here illustrate response times to incidents that are deemed "emergent". These are incidents that are deemed an emergency by the 911 Center. We do measure all response times, however; emergent incidents are the incidents that require an urgent response and where we focus most of our efforts. 

Response time = the amount of time from the point that the apparatus begins the response until they arrive at the scene.

90th Percentile = 90% of our calls fall in this time frame. While an "average" shows the average response time, the 90% measure shows a picture of 90% of all calls - what 9 out of 10 of our responses provides.

This map is interactive. You may scroll to zoom in or zoom out as well as move around the map.

The districts:

41 - East of 100th Street to the eastern boundary of Urbandale
41I - The interstate in the 41 district east bound
41W - The interstate in the 41 district west bound
42 - 100th Street to 142nd Street
42I - The interstate within the 42 district
43 - 142nd Street to the western boundary of Urbandale