COVID-19 Employee Info

This information is a supplement to the City’s communications to its residents and businesses listed on the COVID-19 Information page

Updated April 8, 2020.

Information regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA):


The COVID-19 Status is Level 2.

  • The closures of school systems around the metro and some day cares is a qualifying event for those that participate in dependent care flexible spending dollars. If you wish to change your election for 2020, please email Karla Lower at or Kane Kanne at and they will send you a new enrollment form to change your election. Also, if you are not sure how much you’ve elected in 2020, take a look at your paycheck in e-suite. Find the deduction for dependent care and multiply it by 24.
  • Unfortunately, our mobile blood drive scheduled for May 5th has had to be cancelled. However, we still want to encourage donations directly at Life Serve. So, for any City employee who successfully donates blood during the months of April and May, provide proof of your donation and we will still honor the 1/2 day of vacation usually given out during our normal blood drives. Scheduling your donation time directly with the donor center is necessary! Schedule an appointment or call 800.287.4903
  • Mayor Andeweg issued his latest video on COVID-19.  Watch his video.

Mayor Andeweg initiated a Proclamation declaring a "Time of Emergency" in Urbandale on Tuesday, March 24th.  The emergency powers granted to the Mayor allowed him to give the City Manager authority to suspend in full or in sections the City’s policies and procedures for the continuity of operations and the health of residents, employees and businesses. 

All City buildings, facilities and parks are closed to the public:

  • You are to report to work on a normal work schedule and you will need your badge to gain entry to buildings.  
  • You may wear casual attire during this closure.
  • Remote work began on Monday, March 23rd.  Please read the City Manager’s memo on remote work expectations and tips for remotely working at home.  
  • Essential services employees have been identified and are in Police, Fire/EMS and Public Works.  We will follow IDPH guidelines for the isolation of essential services personnel.  This includes allowing exposed employees to work if they remain asymptomatic and monitor their temperature at the beginning and end of their shifts.
  • We are following Governor Reynolds’ proclamation restrictions.  This means no meetings with more than 10 people or gathering in common areas with more than 10 people, or fewer, to meet the social distancing requirement of 6 feet.
  • Urbandale, like our metro community partners, is closed all playgrounds and athletic facilities to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  Parks will be signed noting the closures.  Green spaces and trails will continue to be open.

Information for your health includes:

  • If you think you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, you should call 2-1-1 (regardless of what County you live in) instead of contacting your local medical provider’s office.  Medically trained staff will be available at 2-1-1 to evaluate your symptoms and direct you to care as needed.  
  • Wageworks will now let you use your flex health dollars for OTC medicines without a doctor’s prescription – that is effective immediately and in effect for all purchases post 12-31-19.
  • The City’s health insurance provider, Wellmark, offers virtual health care visits with no cost share for any appropriate medical and behavioral health visits.  Please use the doctor on demand feature at the Wellmark website
  • Testing related to COVID-19 will be paid at 100% by the City and will not have associated co-pays, co-insurance or deductible costs.  
  • Please remember that you and your family have the right and expectation of your health information being kept private under HIPPA.  The City will not release the status of employees who are tested for COVID-19 unless the employee self discloses or gives permission to share their status.

 Information for work and the use of time includes:

  • The City Manager will require all employees to follow the IDPH’s guidelines for isolation of essential service personnel if they are sick with symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.  Those include staying home and isolating from others until:
    • You have no fever (less than 100 degrees) for at least 72 hours without the use of medicine that reduces fever; AND
    • Other symptoms have improved (for example when your cough or shortness of breath have improved); AND
    • At least 7 days have passed since your last symptoms first appeared.
  • The City has issued procedures on the FFCRA and they are contained in the City Manager’s memo to employees dated March 26, 2020.  Included with that memo was the DOL’s FFCRA poster.
  • All employees traveling outside of Iowa or hosting family or friends from outside of Iowa must report that to the HR Director, Karla Lower, at
  • Prior to April 1st employees may use up to 80 hours of sick time, or other accrued leave (vacation, personal or compensatory (C) time, to stay at home and take care of children when schools are closed and no other alternative childcare is available.  If an employee does not have 80 hours of sick time accrued, the City will allow the employee up to 80 hours of negative sick time.  Sick time accruals will be recovered as the employee normally earns them back monthly. 
  • Employees who are grandparents and wish to assist with childcare need for their grandchildren may use vacation, personal time or compensatory (C) time only.  Exceptions may be made if the grandchild(ren) lives with the grandparents full time.  In that situation sick time may be used with verification by the HR Department.  

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