Summer Clean-Up: September 21 - 25

Summer clean-up has been rescheduled and will take place the week of September 21 on your normal collection day.

Accepted and Not Accepted Items

The annual curbside clean-up is handled by a small crew of city employees and is a mostly manual process. This is in contrast to the normal weekly trash and recycling pickup which is almost completely automated. The annual curbside clean-up allows residents to dispose of almost anything and it’s hard to know what crews will encounter curbside. The City is taking extra precautions when collecting items from the curb, keeping resident’s and employee’s safety top-of-mind in everything we do. Crews will be wearing a significant amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling items. 

What we’re doing to help make this curbside clean-up a success:

The Mayor and City Council have heard from community members and want to conduct an annual curbside clean-up this year. The City will conduct a modified curbside cleanup AND set up a transfer station disposal option:

Curbside pick-up week will now be the week of September 21 on your normal collection day. In addition to the curbside pick-up, residents will also have two opportunities to drop off items on Saturday, August 1 and Saturday, August 8 at the MWA transfer station from 8 AM to 1 PM in Grimes. Residents will also be able to dispose of household hazardous waste at the MWA transfer site on Saturday, August 8.

Since employees will need to wear multiple pieces of personal protective equipment, the curbside pick-up will be in September when the heat and humidity of summer is less intense.

How you can help keep everyone healthy:

Help our crews stay safe by putting smaller items into tied trash bags and try not to overload bags.

Don’t set your items out early. Place your items out by 6 AM the morning of your collection day, or the night before.

This September Summer Clean-Up will be similar to Spring Clean-Ups from the past. Please note these important guidelines:

Appliances (such as Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers, Microwaves, Water Heaters, Trash Compactors, Furnaces, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dishwashers, Light Ballasts, Washers, Dryers, Stoves, and Garbage Disposal) will be collected through a separate City program called Bulk Item Collection. If you’d like to have an appliance collected now (or at any time during the year) please visit:

No construction debris or building materials.

All garbage must be bagged or boxed and secured.

One pick-up truck load limit per household, items must be able to be collected by a two-person crew.

Be sure to fill your container first with anything that fits.

Only leave items at the curb intended for City collection.

Examples of accepted items include Chairs, File Cabinets, Computers, Tables, Couches, Grills (no tank), Recliners, Televisions, Desks, Mattresses, Shelves, Toilets, Dressers, Monitors, Sinks, and TV Stands, etc.

For more information about Summer Clean-Up, or questions about accepted items call 515-278-3950 or email