Walnut Creek Regional Park Public Art Project

The City commissioned a gateway sculpture created by artist Seth Emerson Palmiter. The new sculpture was placed at the entrance of Walnut Creek Regional Park. The sculpture was completed and installed in the Spring of 2022.

seth emerson palmiter

Seth Emerson Palmiter: Gateway Sculpture

"I wanted to create art with dynamic, implied motion, color, and representational imagery that is both contemporary and apt. I truly wanted form to follow function so I chose a silhouette of the ever graceful sparrow (almost a scissor tail flycatcher) to create a diaphanous pattern in steel. The geometries of this bird are unique, an icon that can be readily embraced by all. The negative and positive forms that create this iconic form are also windows to the horizon beyond providing many vantages to delight the viewer. The sculpture will function as a living canvas, responding to changes in ambient light throughout the day. The Gateway Sculpture I created has a celebratory, energetic gesture, honors Urbandale’s natural beauty, and underscores the livability upheld by the City stewards. You have a wonderful community and I am honored to contribute to your burgeoning cultural narrative; I am confident the Gateway Sculpture will be a beloved Urbandale place-making experience and important community landmark..."