Douglas Avenue Interchange Sculpture Project

The City of Urbandale has recently completed a beautification and signage project at the Douglas Avenue Interchange off I-35/80. The final stage of this interchange project is to commission artwork that will be placed at the two dedicated median spaces along Douglas Avenue. After taking applications and receiving feedback, the Urbandale Public Art Committee has selected the artwork for permanent outdoor installation at the Interchange. The project consists of two elements, one on each side of the interchange, to be permanently affixed to existing concrete pads. 

The finalist was selected in March, and the project is anticipated to be completed and installed by the end of 2020. For questions or further information, please feel free to contact the Urbandale Parks and Recreation office at 515-278-3963.

Love You to the Moon & Raise You to the Stars by Clint Hansen

These sculptures were inspired by real-life experiences, my own family’s. 12 years ago, we chose to move our family from SW Iowa to Urbandale. Working as an artist, we could have chosen to live anywhere in the country. We did our homework and liked what we saw in this thriving little suburb, great schools, access to everything we could imagine, wonderful parks, trails, ... it felt like home. We took a leap of faith and Urbandale proved to be an outstanding home to finish raising our 3 children. We have never regretted the move, in fact, I would encourage other families to consider calling Urbandale home as well. The message, the reminder I hope these 2 designs might share: a love for family, a nurturing of children, a strong sense of home and hope in the future. We all need reminders of what is important. A desire for what was best for my family brought us here, a love for the community kept us here. We sincerely love Urbandale.

To obtain long-lasting, maintenance-free art, I am proposing the sculptures be created from Pal Tiya Premium, an all-weather fiber-reinforced cement-based material. This exterior shell is rock hard when finished and can match the cement on the Douglas Ave project’s sign bases. The sculptures are supported from the inside by welded steel armatures and stainless steel mesh. The moon and the star will be stained glass with aluminum leading, lit at night from the inside with LED lights.

Both sculptures will be approximately 4’ wide, 9’ deep and 16’ tall. The figures will be slightly larger than life-size.