Construction Best Management Practices for Storm Water

The City of Urbandale is an MS4 Community (municipal separate storm sewer system). "Construction Site Storm Water Runoff and Control" is one of the six components required by our MS4 permit.  City Code Chapter 54, "Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance (COSESCO)" regulates construction practices in the City, in addition to state and federal regulations.

Storm water runoff from a site is increased during construction, as sod, curbs, and other stabilizing measures are removed.  Unprotected storm water runoff from these sites can carry sediment, construction debris, concrete dust, and other pollutants.  Additional controls during construction are essential to protecting our storm water system.

All new construction in the City requires a COSESCO permit.  Sites that are larger than one acre are required to get a General Permit 2 from the State, for the discharge of storm water during construction activities.  Individual house lots smaller than an acre are covered by the subdivision's GP2.

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COSESCO Resources:

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