View our Web Map to see if the flood plain touches your property, and if your property already has a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Change (LOMC).  See below for directions on next steps if you wish to obtain a LOMA-OAS.

Web MapTo assist you in understanding your flood risk, the City has developed a web map to view the new preliminary maps at https://maps.urbandale.org/fema/. The webmap has a number of features to help you understand the flood plain maps and apply for a LOMA-OAS.

  • LAYERS: Click the button in the upper right that looks like a stack of paper to select layers: the "Flood Hazard Area February 2019" in blue is the new maps for 2019. Turn on the "FEMA Services - LOMC" to view previously issued LOMAs for the City. See below for more info on existing LOMCs.
  • BACKGROUND: Click the button that looks like a window to select a map background or an aerial background.
  • PRINT: Click the "print" button in the upper right to generate a PDF of your map view.
  • COORDINATES: Click the cross-hairs in the lower left, then click the location of your property. The coordinate read-out will be the lat/long of the location. You will need to click the cross-hairs again to disable the coordinate tool.

LOMCsIf you currently have an effective Letters of Map Change (LOMC), such as a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), you may view these on the above web map. LOMCs listed as "Not Incorporated" have been revalidated free-of-charge now that the revised maps have become effective. LOMCs listed as Superseded are longer valid under the the maps, and a new LOMA will need to be obtained. If you have a LOMC that is not shown on our web map, please contact our office. View the full list of revalidated LOMCs here: LOMC Revalidation 2019-02-01

LOMA-OASFor properties where the 100-year flood area touches the parcel but the building structure is clearly outside this area, the property owner may request a "Letter of Map Amendment – Out as Shown" (LOMA-OAS). PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO DEADLINE FOR APPLYING FOR THE LOMA-OAS. Property owners may complete this process at anytime. For the new maps, see updated directions below for creating a FIRMette.

To apply for a LOMA-OAS, you need the following items:

  • STEP 1a - INSTRUCTIONS for filling out Application: Instructions for LOMA-OAS (UPDATED 2022)
  • STEP 1b - APPLICATION: The LOMA-OAS application uses the MT-EZ form - but DO NOT follow the instructions in this form, follow the instructions in the LOMA-OAS link above. You will also need info from the items below to complete this form. MT_EZ_ApplicationOnly.pdf
  • The "Community Number" is 190230.
  • The Map Panel is the last four digits of the "FEMA FIRM Panels" on the webmap layer.
  • The Coordinates are WGS84 and can be found from our FEMA webmap (see below) or Google Maps.
  • in Section A, Question 2, put your Legal Description and Street Address.
  • STEP 2- PLAT: Guide to Download Plat from the County Recorders' websites. Make sure that the document you send to FEMA has the Recorder's stamp with book and page.
  • STEP 3 - WEBMAP: On our https://maps.urbandale.org/fema webmap, turn on "Flood Hazard Area Effective February 2019", Parcel Boundaries, and Aerial Background (see screenshot in Step 2 guide), then click the print button in the upper right corner to create PDF of your property.
  • STEP 4 - FIRMette: Guide to Create a FIRMette.  The FIRMette app has been updated and is easier to use.
  • Please contact at our office at 278-3950 or stormwater@urbandale.org if you need assistance with FIRMs or other information. Please include your address with your request.