Celebrate with the Fire Department

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday, graduation, or another special occasion? The Urbandale Fire Department offers a celebration package for the residents of Urbandale. We can have our Big Red Firetruck show up at your home, park, or other party location in Urbandale with its flashing lights, real firefighters, and a variety of important safety information for the children.

  • We will arrive at the time of your choice in our fire truck with the lights flashing.
  • Real firefighters will get out of the truck and greet all of the children. We will give a special greeting to the child we are celebrating for. 
  • Children will be able to tour the fire truck inside and out.
  • We will have real firefighter equipment such as hoses, tools, ladders, firefighting gear, etc.
  • Each child will be given fire safety information to take home. 
  • Usually geared toward children ages 4 and older.
  • See the Services section below for complete details on our Celebration Package.
  • For residents of Urbandale only, submit your request here.


Availability is limited. Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance; our Celebration Package includes the following:

  • Fire Truck arriving with flashing lights.
  • Firefighters greet children and guests.
  • Tour of Fire Truck inside and out.
  • Firefighters will explain the different uses of some of our equipment.
  • All children will be given important fire safety information for them to take home.
  • An Authentic Junior Firefighter Certificate will be given to the birthday child.

*All items subject to change. ** We are a busy fire department. With that being said, if we are attending or en route to a party and receive an emergency call, we may need to break away from the party.   We will attempt to return to the party but we cannot guarantee an appearance. Submit your request here.


Why does the UDF do this?

  • We want to give children the ability to meet real firefighters, see real fire trucks, and enjoy their party with the men and women of the Urbandale Fire Department.
  • We want to share a message of fire safety directly with the children of our City.
  • We want to provide the citizens of our City a chance to ask any questions they may have about keeping their families safe.
  • It gives us a chance to meet the citizens we serve and allows you to meet the dedicated professionals that work to keep your City safe.
  • We embrace the opportunity to promote our mission statement and core values.