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Is a municipal license required to operate a business in Urbandale? 

Generally, no. However, businesses that sell alcohol or tobacco do require a license. An applicant should call (515) 278-3900 for more information. A door-to-door peddler does require a permit. Other businesses may be regulated by the state or federal governments.

Does Urbandale offer grants for new businesses?

No, but businesses may be able to access the City of Urbandale Revolving Loan Fund.

Does the City of Urbandale help with federal small business loans?

We don’t have that expertise in-house, but we recommend connecting with the Iowa Small Business Development Center.

Can I operate my business from home?

That depends on the nature of the business! Please contact the Community Development Department to verify.

Does the City offer entrepreneurial coaching?

We don’t, but we know people who do! Contact the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s small business and start-up experts.

Does Urbandale have a small business incubator?

The City does not, but we are proud to be in a region with organizations like the Global Insurance Accelerator and the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator.


Bernard NossuliBernard Nossuli

Chief Operating Officer of iEmergent

“Urbandale is so convenient and offers easy access to restaurants and other amenities. It’s also close to home.”

"We appreciate how Urbandale’s city leaders support iEmergent and we're excited about future growth in Urbandale as the company looks for ways to help national retailers, power companies and other firms tap into iEmergent’s forecasting data. Urbandale accommodates entrepreneurs. We appreciate having a great base to grow on here.”

FarmHer Company PhotoMarji Guyler-Alaniz

Founder of FarmHer

“Urbandale has a small-town feel and offers big-city amenities. It’s a great place to raise a family and grow a business.”

Decision Innovation Solutions Company PhotoSpence Parkinson

Executive Director of Decision Innovation Solutions

“The City of Urbandale has been great. Their staff spent a couple days showing us potential office space in Urbandale. We’re grateful for such a valuable local resource."

"We value Urbandale’s prime location in central Iowa, which makes it easy to access top talent from area colleges and universities. This is important as we get more word-of-mouth referrals, and more prospects reach out to us. We’re excited to grow in Urbandale.”