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National Preparedness Month #LastingLegacy

Why spotlight the National Preparedness Month?  Because you and your family are important and a disaster or an emergency can happen at any time.  Having a plan can save your property, save a life and allow you to keep creating your #LastingLegacy.    

What to do? 

  • Create an emergency kit.  It should have everything you need to survive for several days.  Keeping your kit stocked with necessities like food, water, prescriptions and medical care can make a difference in the face of a disaster.  
  • Make a family plan.   Your plan should consider any special needs your family might have, that your kids know important phone numbers and that you all learn evacuation routes. 
  • Talk to your family, especially your kids.  Disasters can leave children and teens feeling confused and insecure.  Learn more on coping with these feelings at  
  • Talk with the professionals.  As an employee of Urbandale we have one of the best resources hands down, the Urbandale Fire Department. Learn more at:  Or feel free to contact Chief Jerry Holt.  

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