Meredith Drive - 156th Street to 170th Street

Project Description:

This project provides for the reconstruction of Meredith Drive from 156th Street west to ¼ mile east of 170th Street as a four-lane roadway with left-turn lanes including grading, and storm sewer. The paving will be portland cement concrete with two 26-foot wide paving sections and a 28-foot grass median and a 10-foot trail on the north side. This is a joint project with the City of Clive. It is anticipated that this project would be completed by the end of November 2019.

Project Status Update - 09/17/19

The project will be completed in 2 major stages. Stage 1 will consist of reconstructing Meredith Drive from 156th Street to just east of NW 164th Street. Stage 1 is closed and Meredith Drive is closed to all through traffic. 160th Street and 162nd Street are closed at Meredith Drive. A temporary access has been constructed for the Acadia Subdivision to access Meredith Drive. Centennial Blvd is closed and the asphalt access is the only access. All of the temporary access roads east of 164th Street are in place and in use. Once Stage 1 is complete and open to traffic, the road closures will be adjusted for Phase 2’s construction. Phase 2 construction will consist of the closure of Meredith Drive from the west side of 162nd Street to 170th Street.

The mainline paving including 160th Street, 162nd Street, and Centennial Blvd along with the left-turn lanes have been completed in Stage 1. The contractor will continue working on constructing the driveways. Phase 1 is scheduled to open to traffic at 9:00 AM on Wednesday September 18th. Stage 2 from 164th Street through 167th Street will be closed right after Stage 1 opens. 167th Street and 169th Street will not be closed at Meredith Drive at the same time.

An official detour route is established on 156th Street, Douglas Parkway and 170th Street. The Police and Fire Departments have been notified of the closed areas.

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