Emergency Medical Services (EMS) & PRIVACY NOTICE

Welcome! The UFD's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is responsible for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Rescue and command staff operations. The UFD operates 3 fire stations with a total of 4 ambulances, and several command vehicles.

Assistant Fire Chief: EMS - Rob Light Biography

Chief Light joined the Urbandale Fire Department Dec 1987. When taking the required EMT course, Chief Light developed a passion for EMS and continued his EMS education eventually becoming a paramedic. Urbandale Fire Department was an advanced EMS service but not paramedic level. Chief Light saw that EMS wasn't always a priority in the Fire Department and identified a need to give EMS the consideration it was due within a department that was providing more EMS services than fire calls. Formerly a fire Lieutenant, Chief Light was promoted to EMS Chief in 1992 and held that position ever since. Chief Light's most notable accomplishment was bringing the Urbandale Fire Department up to a paramedic level service with only having paid on call personnel. Chief Light was also instrumental in gaining support to hire Urbandale's first fulltime fire chief and assuring that the new position would have a paramedic certification requirement.


Chief Light was also one of the first Iowa paramedics to be federally certified as an EMT-Tactical and he served as a member of the Mid Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force from 2000-2008. Chief Light also served as an Urbandale Police Reserve Officer and Deputized Polk County Sheriff from 2000-2008. 

Chief Light balances a full time job with the Urbandale Water Utility while being the only part-time officer at the fire department. Chief Light is currently the longest serving employee within the Urbandale Fire Department. Please feel free to Email Chief Light.

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