Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

How It Works
The Urbandale Police Department provides a CRIME FREE MULTI-HOUSING PROGRAM which is a unique, three phase certification program for rental properties of all sizes, including single family rental homes. The first phase is the completion of an eight-hour program taught by law enforcement, fire personnel, and guest speakers. This law enforcement-sponsored program is designed to be very easy, yet extremely effective at reducing criminal activity in rental properties.


The CRIME FREE MULTI-HOUSING PROGRAM addresses these topics:

  • Understanding Crime Prevention
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • The Application Process
  • Rules and Leases
  • Active Property Management
  • Partnership with the Fire Department
  • Working with Law Enforcement

Most often the CRIME FREE MULTI-HOUSING PROGRAM is taught during a single eight-hour day.

Who Should Attend: Property Owners, managers, leasing staff, maintenance personnel and others in the management team should attend the entire eight-hour training program. 

What does the three phase certification consist of: 

Phase One: Training
After completion of the eight-hour training program, each participant will receive a certificate which has been signed by the chief law enforcement official of that community. This green certificate is to be framed and displayed in the leasing office or in a prominent place where applicants are sure to see it. Prospective residents should be told during the application process that the property management is working with law enforcement to keep the community healthy. 

Phase Two: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
In the second phase of the program, a representative from the Urbandale Police Department will inspect the physical security and general appearance of the property. If the property meets the agency's requirements, they will be given a second certificate signed by the chief law enforcement official. 

This red certificate will certify the property has met the minimum-security requirements of the CRIME FREE MULT-HOUSING PROGAM. The minimum security requirements are:

  • Deadbolt Locks
  • 180 Degree Eye-Viewer
  • Slide Lock on Sliding Glass Doors
  • Adequate Security Lighting
  • Landscaping for Visual Lines
  • Visible Address Posted on Each Building and Apartment Door
  • High Security Strike Plate with 3" Screws

Phase Three: Tenant Safety Social
In the third phase of the program, the Urbandale Police Department will conduct a Tenant Safety Social for residents of the property. This will include information about general safety principles and crime prevention. This will also give law enforcement the opportunity to explain the CRIME FREE MULTI-HOUSING PROGRAM to the residents. During the social management is responsible for providing food, non-alcoholic beverages and any entertainment for their residents. It is necessary to conduct at least one social per year to maintain membership in the CRIME FREE MULTI-HOUSING PROGRAM. Once all phases have been completed, the property manager will receive a gold certificate which shows the property has received FULL CERTIFICATION.

At this time management can post the CRIME FREE MULTI-HOUSING PROGRAM signs on their property for prospective residents to see. If you are interested in your property becoming fully certified or would like additional information regarding the CRIME FREE MULTI-HOUSING PROGRAM please contact Officer Collin Ten Haken at 515-278-3910 or by email.

Prospective Residents: 

Current Fully Certified Properties In Urbandale, Iowa 

  • Cross Creek Apartments: 8704 Meredith Drive, Urbandale, Iowa 50322, Phone Number 515-270-0000

  • Walnut Lake Apartments: 4454 142nd Street, Urbandale, Iowa 50323, Phone Number 515-717-7961