Urbandale Community Crime Eye

Our department has renamed Urbandale's neighborhood watch program to Community Crime Eye. The Urbandale Police Department wants our residents and business owners to participate in community awareness, as well as within their own neighborhoods.

What is Community Crime Eye? The same concept as neighborhood watch, only applying the same awareness to what is going on in your community.

Neighborhood watch is a highly successful program which involves neighbors working together to reduce crime in their community.

Crime Eye

Participants in a neighborhood watch program are trained to report any suspicious activity, persons or vehicles. They are given tips on what to look for, how to identify someone and when to notify the police.

Throughout the United States, there are dramatic decreases in crime reported by law enforcement agencies in communities with active neighborhood watch programs. We want Urbandale's Community Crime Eye program to be able to do just that, decrease crime in our community.

Remember, criminals do not want to attract attention to themselves or get caught. Criminals do not want to take the added risk of working in communities that have active neighborhood watch programs. The signs help in identifying areas participating in the program - letting the criminals know that the citizens in the neighborhood/community are trained to serve as the eyes and ears for the Urbandale Police Department. The cooperation between citizens and law enforcement working together to fight crime in a community is what makes neighborhood watch programs so successful.

For more information on the Community Crime Eye Program or to find out if your neighborhood has a watch group already established, contact Community Relations Officer Anthony Brooks at (515) 331-6804 or by email.