Culture of Integrity Program

In 2014 the Urbandale Police Department introduced the Culture of Integrity program at the Urbandale Middle School to develop and maintain communication with today's youth. Due to its success, the program expanded in 2015 and is now taught at St. Pius Catholic School, Des Moines Christian School as well as the Urbandale Middle School. Students are provided with a workbook to assist them with following along with the presentations. The workbook can also be utilized as a study guide for the programs post test. The program currently focuses on four core topics: Bullying, Social Media, Personal Safety through Making Good Choices, and the Keys to Success. Once the four core topics have been covered, Urbandale High School students are brought in for a mentor day. Mentors express the importance of why character counts, integrity and what it means to them. The day is ended with the mentors covering peer pressure and assisting in the proctoring of the post test. The program is concluded with a graduation day where students are given a Culture of Integrity t-shirt and spend the class period with Officers from different divisions of the department, asking and answering questions with an open dialogue between students and officers.

The program has become a movement or way of life here in Urbandale and students displaying acts of integrity are recognized by the department and by their peers.  Culture of Integrity students assist us with improving the community we live in through volunteering and promoting a culture of integrity along the way.

The Culture of Integrity Program is currently instructed by Community Relations Officer Collin Ten Haken.

Thank you 2014-15