Archived Business Record Publications

The City of Urbandale and Urbandale Chamber of Commerce create a custom publication each month for the Business Record. The publication features Urbandale businesses, initiatives and information important to the business community. Read each edition:

January 2023 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Tractor Zoom

December 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Studio Iowa

November 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: ProbioFerm

October 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: ADi Group

August 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Palmer's Deli

July 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Des Moines Buccaneers

June 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Laird & Bernard Nossuli, iEmergent

May 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Brian Hewitt, Group Benefits, Ltd. (GBL)

April 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Alicia Jaime, International Veterinary Supplies

March 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Dick and Brian Christian, Christian Photo

February 2022 (PDF) - Grown in Urbandale Series: Marji Guyler-Alainz, FarmHer

January 2022 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Jason Merschman, Homemakers

December 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Dan Elings, Arrowhead Engineered Products

November 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Renato Firmento, Spraytec

October 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Elle Miller, Source Allies

September 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Mitch Annett, Worldwide Logistics

August 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Matt Triplett, Triplett Companies

July 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Chris Huseth, Launch IT

June 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Jana Wegner, BerganKDV

May 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Kyle McMahon, TractorZoom

April 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Danielle DeBoer, IMEG Corporation

March 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Ted Gerber, Data Power Technology Group

February 2021 (PDF) - Young Leader Spotlight: Lindsay LaMair, Webspec

January 2021 (PDF) - New Fiber Internet Fuels Fast, Essential Connections

December 2020 (PDF) - Business Spotlight: Spraytec

November 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Council Member Adam Obrecht

October 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Laura Barringer

September 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Council Member Bridget Carberry Montgomery

August 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Hiram Houghton

July 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Council Member Matt Blake

June 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Bev Hutney 

May 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Council Member David Russell

April 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Andrea Caratti and Mark Dixon

March 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Council Member Ron Pogge

February 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Erin Rollenhagen

January 2020 (PDF) - Leader Spotlight: Mayor Bob Andeweg

December 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: ProSource Finance

November 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: Intoxalock

October 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: 2019 Central Iowa Business Conference

September 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: Assembled Products, Inc.

August 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: Insane Impact

July 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: Data Power Technology Group

June 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: Pella Corporation 

May 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: Energy Control Technologies, Inc.

April 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: Living History Farms

March 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: Incotec

February 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: BirdDogHR

January 2019 (PDF) - Featured Business: LeanTECHniques

December 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: United Fulfillment Center

November 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: Purdue University Global

October 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: PepsiCo

September 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: DHI Group Inc 

August 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: Compressor Controls Corp.

July 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: Gits Manufacturing Co 

June 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: Urbandale Community School District

May 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: MidAmerican Energy

April 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: Des Moines Electrical Apprenticeship 

March 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group 

February 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: Handle University 

January 2018 (PDF) - Featured Business: Des Moines Buccaneers 

December 2017 (PDF) - Featured Business: Hyvee

November 2017 (PDF) - Featured Business: Control Systems Software 

October 2017 (PDF) - Featured Business: FarmHER

September 2017 (PDF) - Featured Business: Brokers International

August 2017 (PDF) - Featured Business: SACMI USA 

July 2017 (PDF) - Featured Business: Assembled Products Inc.