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Census Data

The Department of Community Development collects and maintains a wide array of statistical data for Urbandale. Visit the website for the US Census for more detailed information.

Urbandale is located in Polk and Dallas Counties. Its 2020 Census population is 45,580, of which 33,804 people live in Polk County and 11,776 people live in Dallas County. Urbandale's current area is 22.37 square miles, including 6.3 square miles in Dallas County. It was incorporated on April 16, 1917.

Portions of six public school districts lie within Urbandale's Corporate Limits, those being the Urbandale Community School District (entire District is within City boundaries), Waukee Community School District, Johnston Community School District, West Des Moines Community School District, Dallas Center Grimes Community School District, and the Des Moines Independent Community School District in order of enrollment within the City Limits. School District contact information and other educational data is available from the Iowa Department of Education.

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