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Women Accepted for Volunteer Service (WAVES)

The Navy WAVES was created by congressional action and signed into law by President Roosevelt on July 30, 1942. Within a year over 27,000 women were serving in the Navy WAVES. These women served in a far wider range of occupations than had the Yeomen (F). While traditionally female secretarial and clerical jobs took an expected large portion, thousands of WAVES performed previously atypical duties in the aviation community, Judge Advocate General Corps, medical professions, communications, intelligence, science, and technology.

Women Accepted for Volunteer Service (WAVES), "On the Same Team, Enlist in the Waves"

Navy Seabees

The Navy Seabees (Naval Construction Battalion - CB) was created in response to the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Under international law civilians were not permitted to resist enemy military attack. The navy had a need for a militarized construction force to build advance bases in war zones. The navy was granted authority by the Bureau of Navigation on January 5, 1942 to recruit men from the construction trades for assignment in 3 Naval Construction Battalions. The Seabees obtained their designation from the initial letters of Construction Battalion, and were furnished with the motto: Construimus, Batuimus - "We Build, We Fight."

Navy Seabees Logo
Seal of the U.S. Navy

Remember Those Who Served

  1. Bain, James M. (PDF)
  2. Baker, Gene (PDF)
  3. Baldridge, Norman (PDF)
  4. Bechtel, Larry L. (PDF)
  5. Beeler, James "Bob" (PDF)
  6. Behmer, Jack B. (PDF)
  7. Benedict, Carl M. (PDF)
  8. Billings, David (PDF)
  9. Boatright, Kenneth (PDF)
  10. Boaz, Kenneth (PDF)
  11. Boller, Donald (PDF)
  12. Bottelson, Leroy E. (PDF)
  13. Breiten, Jack (PDF)
  14. Campbell, Robert E. (PDF)
  15. Carr Jr., Charles E. (PDF)
  16. Couch, Mickey (PDF)
  17. Cramer, Larry (PDF)
  18. Crowell, Bill (PDF)
  19. Daly, James T. (PDF)
  20. Dickey, Wendell R. (PDF)
  21. Dotson, Robert J. (PDF)
  22. Dotson, Robert M. (PDF)
  23. Eischeid, Gerald O. (PDF)
  24. Folsom, John (PDF)
  25. Gardiner, Cliff D. (PDF)
  26. Gass, Darrell J. (PDF)
  27. Gass, Roger (PDF)
  28. Gass, Wayne F. (PDF)
  29. Giedraitis, Ed (PDF)
  30. Ginther, Joseph M. (PDF)
  31. Goodman, Dick (PDF)
  32. Hatch 1st, Carter D. (IA National Guard) (PDF)
  33. Hawkins, Vince (PDF)
  34. Hooten, Jerry (PDF)
  35. Hotovec, William J. (PDF)
  36. Jeffries, Jack J. (PDF)
  37. Kellar, Lyle H. (PDF)
  38. Kempkes, James (PDF)
  39. Kipper, Rex E. (PDF)
  40. Latimer, Kenneth B. (PDF)
  41. Lemon, Clark (PDF)
  42. Leutzinger, Harold (PDF)
  43. Lovell, Clarence E. (PDF)
  44. Maloney, Martin J. (PDF)
  45. Maty, John G. (PDF)
  46. McClannahan, Gene (PDF)
  47. McDowell, George (PDF)
  48. McPherson, Alan C. (PDF)
  49. Mueller, Fred E. (PDF)
  50. Natzke, Jim (PDF)
  51. Newcomb, William D. (PDF)
  52. Niffenegger, Robert (PDF)
  53. Ocken, Dale J. (PDF)
  54. Osborn, Alvadore J. (PDF)
  55. Parent, Richard (PDF)
  56. Pilmer, John D. (PDF)
  57. Pilmer, John R. (PDF)
  58. Polson, Max D. (PDF)
  59. Ramsey, Jon (PDF)
  60. Reicks, Tom (PDF)
  61. Ribble, Wayne A. (PDF)
  62. Riel, Ron (PDF)
  63. Rolow, William L. (PDF)
  64. Roul, Douglas J. (PDF)
  65. Roul, Kurt D. (PDF)
  66. Ruppe, Emery L. (PDF)
  67. Russell, David B. (PDF)
  68. Russell, Lawrence V. (PDF)
  69. Russell, Ray L. (PDF)
  70. Russell, Wayne A. (U.S. Army) (PDF)
  71. Saffell, Russell (U.S. Marine Corps) (PDF)
  72. Salisbury, Willard (PDF)
  73. Schaffer, Raymon G. (PDF)
  74. Scrutchfield, Guy (PDF)
  75. Sievers, Floyd S. (PDF)
  76. Simon, Robert Linn (PDF)
  77. Snuggs, Keith (PDF)
  78. Snuggs, Paul (PDF)
  79. Strominger, Jon C. (PDF)
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  81. Van Horn, Edward (PDF)
  82. Walton, Thomas W. (PDF)
  83. Warren, K. Neil (PDF)
  84. Wilcoxson, Wayne E. (PDF)
  85. Wilhelm, John E. (PDF)
  86. Witmer, Jerry (PDF)
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