Victim Resources

The Urbandale Police Department has partnered with many crime victim and witness resources to provide direction, guidance and support to both victims and witnesses of crimes.

Victim / Witness Coordinator

As a condition of the Urbandale Police Department's pursuit of CALEA Accreditation, and in compliance with Iowa State Regulation 915.11, the Urbandale Police Department implemented the position of Victim/Witness Coordinator in July 2011. The Victim/Witness Coordinator acts as a liaison between victims/witnesses of crimes and the resources and entities available to them to assist with recovery and restoration processes that follow the criminal act.


The Victim/Witness Coordinator is available to answer questions regarding available resources, and to guide victims and witnesses to the right entities to ensure that they receive the help and assistance they need. The resources available range from domestic violence advocates to identity theft experts, and the assistance provided is determined on a case-by-case basis.


Locate programs and resources that are offered through the Iowa Office of the Attorney General.

The following programs/resources are offered through the Iowa Office of the Attorney General's Office:

  • Crime Victim Compensation Program: Provides financial resources for victims of crime and helps victims with certain out-of-pocket costs that result from crime-related injuries
  • Victim Services Support Program: Administers state and federal funds to programs that offer advocacy and counseling to victims
  • Sexual Assault Examination Payment Program: Pays for medical exams that gather evidence of sex crimes and assure the physical health of the victim
  • Iowa VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday): Statewide automated system that provides victims of crimes with information and notification on the status and status changes of incarcerated offenders in Iowa prison and jail systems
  • Best Colleges: Information and resources for parents and students regarding preventing sexual assault on college and university campuses can be found at the Best Colleges website.
  • Identity Theft Passport Program: Provides identity theft victims with an ID Passport that verifies a law enforcement report of identity theft. Victims of identity theft may use the ID Passport to corroborate that their identity has been stolen to creditors and law enforcement
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