Strategic Priorities

The City Council and Mayor have worked with Lyle Sumek and Associates, Inc. since 2016 to update Urbandale’s Strategic Plan every other year.  The most recent update was completed in 2022.  

OUR VISION IS A PREMIER COMMUNITY FOR ALL GENERATIONS guided by these value-based principles:

  • Urbandale is an inclusive and sustainable community
  • Urbandale has great neighborhoods with quality housing options for all generations
  • The Douglas corridor is Urbandale's vibrant Main Street
  • Urbandale has dynamic and competitive business destinations: Northwest, Plum Drive, Northpark and Paragon  
  • Urbandale has memorable experiences for all, making Urbandale unique

The Mission of Urbandale city government is to provide exceptional municipal services and to plan for the future; while acting in a financially responsible manner; being responsive to our community needs; and involving our residents.  

The 2022 Strategic Plan prioritizes specific policy and management action items, and major projects for 2022 and 2023.

2022-2023 Policy Agenda (policy questions the City Council will address and set direction in 2022-2023).  Items Bolded have had work started toward completion and items Underlined have been completed.

  • Top Priority Action Items
    • Stormwater Management System and Projects
    • Climate Change Policy and Action Plan
    • Human Services Policy, Strategy and Action Plan
    • Comprehensive Affordable Housing Policy, Strategy and Action Plan
    • Primary System Elimination Election
    • Management Succession Planning and Program
    • Douglas Corridor Revitalization Strategy and Action Plan
    • Strategic Land Acquisition Policy and Action Plan
  • High Priority Action Items
    • Long-Term Water Supply Direction
    • Complete Streets Policy and Projects
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy and Action Plan
    • Community Recreation Complex Plan Direction
    • Community/Neighborhood Building Strategy
    • Community Rain Garden Policy and Projects
    • Mental Health Services Policy, Strategy and Action Plan

2022-2023 Management Agenda (actions city staff will take to implement policies and strategic direction in 2022-2023, as set by prior City Council direction)

  • Top Priority Action Items
    • Douglas Urbanization Project - 100th Street to North Walnut Creek
    • American Rescue Plan Program Direction
    • Comprehensive Plan Update
    • City of Grimes Annexation Agreement
    • Cooperative Agreements and Partnerships with Neighboring Communities for Shared Services
    • Merle Hay Mall/Des Moines Buccaneers Redevelopment Project Next Steps
    • Downtown Urbandale Plan Direction
  • High Priority Action Items
    • Water Trail Development at Walker Johnson Park & Barrett Boesen Park
    • Development and Permitting Process Refinements
    • Fire Accreditation Completion
    • Des Moines Airport Funding Direction
    • Animal Control Services Direction
    • Compensation Study and 2022 Wage Schedules Adjustments

2022-2023 Major Projects (significant projects within the community)

  • 170th Street Reconstruction - Meredith Drive to Waterford Road
  • Aurora Avenue/104th Street/ 100th Street Reconstruction - NW Urbandale Drive to Plum Drive
  • North Walnut Creek Bank Stabilization
  • 128th Street Reconstruction - Douglas Parkway to Aurora Avenue
  • Installation of Final Geo-Thermal Units at Police Station
  • City Hall Roof Repair Project
  • Barrett Boesen Park Natural Playground and Park Lot
  • Dog Park
  • Bent Creek Ridge Open Shelter
  • Coyote Ridge Trail - Phase II
  • "Pedestrian Loop" Trail in Walnut Creek Regional Park
  1. Mayor & City Council

    Physical Address
    3600 86th Street
    Urbandale, IA 50322