Installation & Submittal Requirements

The following is a summary of requirements (for contractors) for new and/or replacement fire sprinkler systems installed within the City of Urbandale. NFPA 13 (2007 Edition) and NFPA 20 (2007 Edition) shall be followed. Questions? Contact the UFD at 515-278-3970 or by email. Download the Fire Sprinkler Installation and Submittal Requirements 

  1. All new systems shall be monitored by a UL listed monitoring station.
  2. A fire hydrant shall be located no more than 100 feet from a fire sprinkler connection on hard surface, easily accessible by fire apparatus and meeting the approval of the Code Official.
  3. Square footage requirements for fire sprinkler systems can be found in section 4.0600 of the Urbandale Fire Code.
  4. All new fire suppression installations shall be approved prior to installation. The Fire Department must have 2 sets of plans to include hydraulic calculations, device specifications and other documents as required by NFPA 13 and NFPA 20 shall be submitted for review. These 2 sets of plans shall be kept by the Urbandale Fire Department for permanent record.
  5. Fire suppression system plans shall be submitted to the Urbandale Fire Department, 3927 121st Street, Urbandale, IA 50323. Include a self addressed stamped envelope if you will not be picking up the plans. Plans will only be accepted from a NICET III or equivalent Fire Sprinkler System Designer. The plans shall be stamped by the licensed designer.
  6. Sprinkler protection shall be provided for exterior, decks, and ground floor patios of dwelling units where the building is required to have a fire sprinkler system installed. Sidewall sprinklers that are used to protect such area shall be permitted to be located such that their deflectors are within 1 inch to 6 inches below the structural members and a maximum distance of 14 inches below the deck of the exterior balconies and decks that are constructed of open wood joist construction.
  7. A canopy covering a door that is required to be marked as an exit shall be required to have fire sprinklers installed outside that door if the canopy extends more than 4 feet out from the door and is 12 feet or less in height fro the ground regardless if the canopy is combustible or non combustible. All canopies, regardless of height or construction type, that have vehicle access under them with door openings shall be required to have fire sprinklers installed under the entire canopy.
  8. A minimum of 110 candela weather proof strobe light suitable for cold weather use with a minimum of 75 candela at -30 degrees shall be tied into the building fire alarm system and mounted directly above the Fire Department connection between 7 feet and 10 feet in height from the ground or as approved by the Code Official.
  9. Additional standpipe systems may be added to new buildings or structures as deemed necessary by the Code Official, regardless of occupancy classification.
  10. Contact the Urbandale Fire Department for plan submittal requirements for clean agent, wet chemical, or other alternative suppression systems.
  1. Jon Rech

    Fire Marshal

  2. Phone: 515-331-6733

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