Fire Protection Inspection Tags

The Urbandale Fire Department provides this general information for local area contractors. Questions? Contact the UFD at 515-278-3970 or by email.

  1. Tags are white or red.
    • A white tag is put on only if the system has been tested, inspected, serviced according to approved standards.
    • A red tag is put on if the system does not pass an inspection according to approved standards.
    • If your employee tags a system white that should be red, your company is liable.
  2. If the system is tagged red, the company mist notify the UFD within 24 hours of tagging that system. This may be by fax at 515-278-3972, email, or phone at 515-278-3970.
  3. Tags are to be punched or blacked out with a permanent marker for the appropriate year and month, type of system and indicating if the system is new, serviced (includes annual inspection), or repaired. This is to prevent tampering with the tag. The person tagging the system shall write his/her initials or name, and date on the tag. The license number is also required.
    • The back side of the white tag is primarily used by the occupant for building maintenance.
    • Note: you are tagging the system to show when it is due to be re-inspected.
  4. Only 1 tag per system shall be used. Example: a building with a wet fire sprinkler, dry sprinkler system, fire pump, fire extinguishers, clean agent system and fire alarm system all require its own tag.
  5. Tags are not designed for advertising. It is allowable for a business to place their own tag for advertising purposes. Advertising stickers place on systems are also allowed.
    • A West Metro Fire Prevention Bureau tag must be on all systems.
  1. Jon Rech

    Fire Marshal

  2. Phone: 515-331-6733