Fire Alarm System Requirements

Installation and Submittal Requirements

The following is a summary of requirements, for contractors, for new and/or replacement fire alarm systems installed within the City of Urbandale. NFPA 72 (2007 edition) shall be followed. Questions? Contact the UFD at 515-278-3970 or by email. Download the Fire Alarm System Installation and Submittal Requirements (PDF). Fire alarm systems shall be addressable utilizing the following criteria:

  1. All new systems shall be addressable fire alarm systems and shall be monitored by a UL listed monitoring station. Exception: new fire alarm systems that have 8 or less initiating devices may be zone panels and each zone shall be set up as described below. Zone systems shall also be monitored by a UL listed monitoring station.
  2. In R-1, R-2, R-4, and I-1 occupancies, listed single- and multiple-station smoke alarms complying with UL 217 shall be installed in accordance with provisions of this code and the household fire warning equipment provision of NFPA 72. Smoke alarms shall be addressable with sounder bases and tied into the building fire alarm system as a supervisory signal only. Mini horns are not required if notification from a building fire alarm system is through the smoke alarms with sounder bases.
  3. Each address point id for initiating devices shall have an alpha/numeric descriptor location for the fire alarm system. This alpha/numeric descriptor location is required to be reported to the WestCom Dispatch Center upon activation of the fire alarm system.
  4. Where corridors and/or hallways are protected by fire sprinkler systems they shall also be protected by smoke detection. Smoke detection shall be of the photoelectric type.
  5. Fire alarm plans shall be submitted to the Urbandale Fire Department, 3927 121st Street, Urbandale, IA 50323. Include a SASE if you will not be picking up the plans.
  6. Plans will only be accepted from a NICET III or equivalent in Fire Alarm Designer. The plans shall be stamped by the licensed person.
  7. The Fire Department requires that 2 sets of construction plans be submitted. The plans shall include, if applicable:
    • Manual pull stations, horn/strobes, strobes, heat and smoke detection, duct detection and any other initiating and notification device pertinent to the installation per NFPA 72 (2007 Edition) and other applicable codes to include IFC Supplement 2006 amendments. Devices shall be shown on the floor plans
    • Floor plan indicating the location of all devices
    • Equipment list to include the number of each device (how many) and their manufacturer, model numbers, and listing information
    • Battery calculations, voltage drop calculations, conductor type and sizes, power connection and annunciation
    • The interface of fire safety control functions
  8. Existing fire alarm systems in buildings may be used during tenant improvements if they meet both of the following.
    • The existing system must have 2 phone lines.
    • The existing system can handle additional initiating and notification devices without an upgrade.
  1. Jon Rech

    Fire Marshal

  2. Phone: 515-331-6733

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