Finance & Records

The Finance and Records Department manages the financial integrity of the city. Under the direction of the City Clerk, the department maintains accurate and current records of all of the official proceedings.

The official source of the City of Urbandale, Iowa’s municipal disclosure and market data may be found at the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website at

Financial Documents

Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

The CIP document represents the city’s multi-year plan for the maintenance and improvement of the publicly owned infrastructure. The CIP prioritizes the city’s maintenance needs for the park, bridge, sidewalk, storm sewer, street, traffic signal, and water systems. It also outlines the improvement and replacement needs for the city’s public buildings, major equipment, and information technology.

Review the CIP documents for more details:

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)

The ACFR is a complete set of audited financial statements for the City of Urbandale. The report is published each year, for fiscal year ended June 30th. The ACFR includes all governmental activities, organizations, and functions controlled by or dependent upon the City.

Review the ACFR documents for more information:

Annual Budget

The city’s annual budget represents the city’s operating plan for that fiscal year, July 1st to June 30th. It is prepared in conformance with the Code of Iowa and the city’s fiscal performance goals.

Review the Annual Budget documents for more information:

The upcoming fiscal year 2023-2024 total City proposed tax levy will be $10.01 (which includes $8.57 shown in the image, plus the Debt Service levy of $1.44). This is no change from last year's tax levy:

Proposed Property Tax Revenues

Per Iowa Code 384.15A, all cities are required to hold and post a notice for public hearing related to the proposed maximum property tax revenues for the upcoming budget year if it exceeds 102 percent of the previous year's tax revenue. 

View public hearing notices and resolutions related to proposed property tax revenues:

More Information

Complete financial data can be obtained in any of the documents listed above. For more information, please contact the Finance and Records Department at 515-278-3900 or via email.

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