Aurora Preservation

Aurora Corridor

Project Description:

This project would provide for the preservation of Aurora Avenue from Tanglewood Drive to 86th Street.   Portions of the roadway will be reconstructed, and portions will be full-panel PCC patches.  The street will not be widened.  Temporary sidewalks will be installed for resident access during construction and will be removed on project completion.  Sidewalk ramps at intersections will be made ADA compliant.

Latest News:

This project is scheduled to go out to bid in January and contract awarded in February.  Please check back for more info once a contractor is selected.

Access and Work Zones:

The patches on this project will be done while maintaining through traffic.  The reconstruction portions of this project require a full closure and will be completed in stages.  See map below for approximate stage limits for reconstruction; these stages may not be completed in numerical order.  Please follow posted signs and detours for routing around construction. Please check back here for updates on closures after a contractor is selected.

Project Status Update, 01/05/2023:

Please check back for project updates once a contractor is selected.

Project Maps: