Art Park Exhibition

Each year the Urbandale Public Art Committee selects four artists to display their sculptures at the Art Park Exhibition. Located next to City Hall at 3600 86th Street, come visit and take a look for yourself!

The four new sculptures for 2023 are now installed! View and learn more about each sculpture below!

"Sunriser" by Artist Bobbie Carlyle

Artist Statement: Ancient stories are filled with the strength, beauty and power of the legendary phoenix, rising out of her own ashes in glory of her new beginnings.

Sunriser Sculpture

“Oxbow” by Artist Tim Adams

Artist Statement:   Look at any aerial photo! All rivers and streams take on a serpentine pattern as they carve their way through the landscape toward the equator. As eons pass, the constantly flowing energy of the water scours away the banks carving and depositing alternately until the water course turns back on itself and abandons its former channel for a new path. The resultant landform is the “oxbow”. 


"Antheia" by Tim Adams

Artist Statement:  The avant-garde style of this piece includes found objects that were analyzed, broken up and reassembled to form a whimsical piece with a face that provides a different viewpoint or perspective when viewed from either side. The Cubism inspired sculpture has a base made from sheets of leftover steel that was used to cut out flower forms and the curved pieces that form the head and the abstract hair are remnants of aluminum from a previous project. The soft lavender paint color mimics the natural color found in spring flower blooms and the bell-shaped green glass forms are embellished with petal shaped metal accents painted in raspberry to set off the shape and overall form of the piece named Antheia, after the goddess of flowers, blossoms, vegetation and love.


“Windwave” by Artist Bill McGrath

Artist Statement: WindWave is a graceful pattern of undulating squares supported by 3 slender cylinders set at different angles so that the connection of the upper body to the ground seems indirect, adding to the “floating” appearance.  The structure is very strong yet it is able to flex in the wind, casts great shadows and jumps from the sky if lit at night.  It is a study of using rigid shapes and materials to create an organic presence.