Art Park Exhibition

Each year the Urbandale Public Art Committee selects four artists to display their sculptures at the Art Park Exhibition. Located next to City Hall at 3600 86th Street, come visit and take a look for yourself!

The four new sculptures for 2022 are now installed! View and learn more about each sculpture below!

"Concentric" by Artist Tim Adams

Artist Statement: Trees form new cells arranged in concentric circles every year resulting in annual or growth rings. One year of growth is represented by a ring of light and dark wood. The light wood is formed in the spring when growing conditions are more plentiful with rain and sun, and the dark wood is formed in the winter when growing conditions slow down. Most trees continue to grow despite the fluctuations in the environment by adapting. Like trees, we also experience “light” and “dark” periods of growth in our human experience and must develop resilience to thrive.


“Xuberant!” by Artist Craig Snyder

Artist Statement: Xuberant! Showcases my outlook on life. My intention every day is to live it to the fullest, to learn something new and meet new and interesting people. Doing sculpture leaves me no choice but to live exuberantly!


“Shifting Gears” by Artist Hilde DeBruyne

Shifting Gears” is a contemporary, colorful sculpture in metal. It consists of a playful composition of gear and sprockets of different sizes, contained within a circle. It symbolizes our journey of life: we go through different scenery: valleys, meanders and hills, each requiring our ability to change gear in different situations.

Shifting Gear

“Cactus Dog” by Artist Steve Maeck

Artist Statement: Since 2002 I have been creating sculptural work either fully or partially composed of iron and steel. The focus of my recent work has been almost exclusively in the utilization of industrial salvage which I alter and recombine in a manner that is not only resonant and original but manifests the aura of having been created from base raw material, (i.e. cast bronze.) Of course, there is, and should be, a subliminal sense of the processed heritage of the metal.

Cactus Dog