Aurora Avenue/100th Street Widening

Project Description:

This project would provide for the widening of Aurora Avenue / 104th Street / Sutton Drive / 100th Street from NW Urbandale Drive to Plum Drive to a three-lane roadway. The street will be widened to 37 feet wide to allow for one lane in each direction plus a painted left turn lane.  A 5’ sidewalk will be provided on the west side of the road and a 10’ trail will be provided on the east side. 

Alliance Construction is the Contractor for this project.

Latest News:

As of 11/23/2022,  the corridor has been re-opened to through traffic.  Sidewalks on 104th Street, Meredith Drive, and at the north end north of Brookview Drive have yet to be installed, please use caution and alternate walking routes.  The Contractor will complete the project in the spring.

Access and Work Zones:

The project will be completed in four major phases; each phase requires a roadways closure on Aurora Avenue / 104th Street / 100th Street. Meredith Drive will remain open to through traffic in all phases, with occasional lane closures as needed. Please follow posted signs and detours for routing around construction.  Please check back here for updates on closures as work progresses.

Maps will be posted to this webpage with additional information.  The schedule is subject to change based on weather, conditions in the field, and contractor coordination.  Check back to this page for project updates.  As always, please use caution in the construction zone and obey all traffic control, for your safety and the safety of others.  We appreciate your patience, thank you for your cooperation.

Project Status Updated, 11/23/2022:

Phase 1 has been re-opened; Some minor paving and utility work still needs to occur within Phase 1 limits, please continue to use caution in the area as work proceeds. 

Phase 2 has been re-opened.  Remaining portions of the trail and sidewalk will be installed after the retaining wall is complete and as weather permits.  The fence at the UGRA complex will be installed next week if weather permits.

Phase 3 has been re-opened.  Remaining portions of the trail and sidewalk will be installed after the retaining wall is complete and as weather permits; work will continue next week, with remaining sidewalk installed next spring.

Phase 4 has been re-opened .  The Phase 4 roadway has been re-opened.  The Contractor is completing trail and sidewalk work and final grading and restoration in this phase.  The trail at the north end is waiting for private utility relocations to be completed.

Please see the map below for the locations of the four phases; this map will be updated when dates are set for the closures. Message boards will be posted on the roadway prior to closures to alert residents of upcoming changes. An official detour route has been established, and the Police and Fire Departments have been notified of the closed areas.