Senior Programs (Spring/Summer)

Senior Fitness

The Urbandale Senior Recreation Center offers over 24 fitness classes of varying styles and intensity levels each week. Our fitness classes are very popular, and we think we can safely say we have something for everyone. Some classes include: Chair Yoga, Cardio & Strength, Zumba Gold, Line Dance, Yoga, Seated Exercise, Tabata, Barre, Cardio Dance, Stability & Balance, and more. Please see the Urbandale Senior Recreation Center Spring Newsletter or the Urbandale Senior Recreation Summer Newsletter for a listing of current class offerings.

Senior Fitness

Discussions with the Urbandale Police Department (Ages 55+) - Free

Join the UPD for tips on keeping safe for seniors.

General Internet Safety: Friday, May 13, 10:30-11:30 AM
Identity Theft Prevention: Friday, May 20, 10:30-11:30 AM

Registration Deadlines: May 13Chief Rob Johansen in front of Urbandale Police Sign

AED Training Class with the Urbandale Fire Department (Ages 55+) - Free

Ever wonder about the AED on the wall? Would you know how to use it if needed? The best chance of saving someone’s life when they are in cardiac arrest is to get them “shocked” as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to use an AED, this session is just for you! Come join the Urbandale Fire Department as they introduce you to the AED and teach you how to use it if needed. You will be shocked by how easy it is!

Registration Deadline: May 12AED

National Trails Day Event: Trail Safety Class (Ages 55+) - Free

This class will focus on trail safety within our community! For example, whenever possible, always be on the trail with someone else or while walking make sure a responsible person knows your plans, where you will be, and when you expect to return, and so much more!

Registration Deadline: May 27Photo of the trail at Glen Eagles Park

R.A.D (Rape Aggression Defense) Classes (Ages 55+) - $25

The Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women ages 11 to 80 years. The RAD system is a comprehensive, women-only course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. RAD is not a martial arts program. Course includes a t-shirt, a workbook with a lifetime return policy and light snacks.

Registration Deadline: May 27Self Defense

Vehicle Safety Checkpoints (Ages 55+) - Free

As part of the National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month, we will host a “safety checkpoint” at the USRC where Urbandale Police Officers will check the safety features of members’ vehicles (blinkers, headlights, wiper blades, etc.) This is a good time to be reminded of how to use all those features…because technology is always changing it’s good to make sure you know how to properly turn on your lights, etc. and have necessary emergency equipment in your vehicles. The Urbandale Police Department will also speak about traffic safety in general. This is a good time to ask about all those traffic related questions you have always had.

Registration Deadline: July 15Vehicle Safety Checkpoints

Tie Dye Workshop (55+) - $12

Tie dye is the ultimate expression of summer fashion! In this craft class we will prep, design and dye a new statement piece for your wardrobe. As everyone has a preferred style of shirt, participants will be required to bring their own 100% cotton shirt to class to dye. A new item of 100% cotton fabric is recommended for best results. No long sleeve shirts, used items, or clothes pieces other than t-shirts or tank tops will be accepted to be prepared for dye.

Registration Deadlines: May 19, May 24Tie Dye

Intro to Tapestry Making (Ages 55+) - $40

Tapestry weaving is a fun, portable, and creative way to get into weaving. Using a simple frame loom and some yarn, explore the basics of warping, weaving, and removing a tapestry from the loom. All materials are included in your registration fee.

Registration Deadline: July 4Tapestry Making

Dementia Friends (Ages 55+) - Free

Dementia Friends is a global movement that is changing the way people think, act, and talk about dementia. Developed by the Alzheimer’s Society in the United Kingdom, the Dementia Friends initiative is underway in Iowa and across the United States. By helping everyone in a community understand what dementia is and how it affects families, each of us can make a difference for people touched by dementia.

Registration Deadline: May 5Dementia Friends

Crypto 101–What Is Cryptocurrency and How Does It Work? (Ages 55+) - Free

University of Iowa Law Professor Chris Odinet will walk us through the basic explanations of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and blockchain. If you’ve heard these words, but have no idea what any of it means, this session is for you. This class is meant to provide a very basic explanation and give you time to ask questions of an expert. 

Chris is a Professor of Law and the Michael and Brenda Sandler Fellow in Corporate Law at the University of Iowa. His teaching and research specialize in commercial and consumer finance law and real estate transactions, with an emphasis on mortgage lending and financial regulation.

Registration Deadline: May 16Crypto

The Blank Park Zoo (Ages 55+) - $5

Catch up on the latest developments at Blank Park Zoo and learn how you can get involved in Blank Park Zoo's efforts to save animals in the wild. This event will feature some small animal ambassadors from the Zoo!

Registration Deadline: May 20Small Zoo Animal

Iowa History: How Iowa Met Baseball (Ages 55+) - Free

John Liepa, historian and Professor Emeritus, DMACC, will present about the myths regarding the “invention” of baseball, the origins and evolution of the early fame in the United States. How the Civil War played a role in accelerating the spread of the game and the very first mention of the game’s coming to Iowa in 1858, and how it caught on.

Registration Deadline: June 9thState of Iowa Baseball

Beginning Genealogy (Ages 55+) - Free

Your ancestors are waiting for you to find them… Learn how to get started with a free class from the Iowa Genealogical Society.

Registration Deadline: July 8Geneology

The FreeStore (Ages 55+) - Free

Come and learn how you can support the work of The Freestore! The Freestore is a local Des Moines nonprofit that works to support children and families who have escaped domestic violence situations and those suffering from some other form of trauma including natural disaster and criminal assault. They provide donated furniture and household goods as these families begin new, independent, productive lives in safe environments. The Freestore relies on donations of a variety of household goods to help families in need begin their new lives, in a safe home. They even offer pickup for those qualifying donation items that are too big for you to handle on your own.

Registration Deadline: July 22FreeStore

The History of Banned Books in the United States (Ages 55+) - Free

Join Urbandale Public Library staff as we explore some of the most popular banned books throughout history. They’ll discuss some background of the books, the reasons why they were banned, and more interesting information.

Registration Deadline: September 15Banned Books in the US

iPhone and iPad for Beginners (Ages 55+) - $10

This two hour class will describe iPhone and iPad functionality, screens and settings for the beginner. This class will not cover Apple laptops or watches, or non Apple tablets or phones.

Registration Deadline: June 16iPhone for Beginners

iPhone and iPad for Intermediate Users (Ages 55+) - $10

This two hour class will describe iPhone and iPad applications (mail, calendar, contacts, photos, etc.), the camera and printing. This class will not cover Apple laptops or watches, or non Apple tablets or phones.

Registration Deadline: June 23iPhone Intermediate Users

Introduction to Computers (Ages 55+) - $10

This two hour class will describe the basic components of a computer, the different types of computers (including smartphones and tablets), networking and printing.

Registration Deadline: July 11Intro to Computers

Using an Apple Computer (Ages 55+) - $10

This two hour class will be an overview of Apple Mac and MacBook computer functionality, applications and settings.

Registration Deadline Monday August 19Intro to Apple Computers

Introduction to the Internet

This two hour class will be an overview of how computers, smartphones and tablets connect and communicate on the internet including internet browsers, search engines, video conferencing, viruses, scams and malware.

Registration Deadline: September 8Internet

Bowling at GameDay Lanes (Ages 55+) - $10

Meet at GameDay Lanes–all skill levels are welcome. This is fun entertainment for everyone and a perfect place to spend time with friends and meet new ones! Price includes 2 games and shoe rental.

Registration Deadline:  May 25, June 29 July 27Bowling

Learn to Play Bocce Ball

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the game of Bocce all, this clinic is for you! We’ll walk you through the rules of the game, with instructions and demonstrations. We’ll also allow for a few rounds of play. We hope after this session, you'll join us for our league!

Registration Deadline: July 22, July 25Learn to Play Bocce Ball

Summer Cornhole (Bean Bag) League (55+) - $10/team

Back by popular demand! Join us for our summer cornhole (bean bag) league. Teams of two will play a 6 week regular season followed by a single elimination tournament. Monday July 4th matches will be moved to Wednesday July 6th as the USRC is closed on the Fourth of July.

Registration Deadline: June 16Summer Cornhole League

Over The Hill Hiking Series (Ages 55+) - Free

Sign up for this hiking group and we'll meet at the trailhead of each hike before setting off together. Please wear comfortable, protective footwear and bring water, sunscreen or a hat, and appropriate clothing. Let's get out there and start hiking!

Date: Wednesday, May 25, Registration Deadline: May 18Over the Hill Hiking

UrbanTrail Walking Series (Ages 55+) - Free

Check out our great Urbandale trails for a trail walk with others. We’ll meet at a designated location and walk together on Urbandale’s amazing trail system. These walks will be low to medium intensity, approximately 2 miles, and are meant to make exploring Urbandale’s trails safe and accessible for those who already enjoy the trails as well as those who would like to check them out, but don’t want to do it alone.

Date: Monday, June 6, Registration Deadline: May 30

Date: Monday, June 13, Registration Deadline: June 6

Date: Monday, June 20, Registration Deadline: June 13

Date: Monday, June 27, Registration Deadline: June 20Urban Trail Walking

Iowa Cubs vs Columbus Clippers (Ages 55+) - Price TBA

Cheer on the I-Cubs as they play the Columbus Clippers (Cleveland Guardians) and enjoy a beautiful day at Principal Park! Check back for more information on pricing for this event.

Registration Deadline: May 11Iowa Cubs Logo

Intergenerational Trip - Blank Park Zoo Trip (All Ages) - $25

Our first intergenerational trip is designed with a good time in mind! Sign up with your partner, friends, even your kids and grandkids! We’ll spend three hours at the Zoo where every group can wander and enjoy the sights at their own pace. Registration fee includes the cost of transportation and admission to the zoo. Bring money for lunch, snacks, souvenirs and the petting zoo! Any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No more than three participants under the age of 18 per adult.

Registration Deadline: June 1Intergenerational Blank Park Trip

Berry Picking (Ages 55+) - Free, Transportation $10

Join us for berry picking at the Berry Patch Farm in Nevada. Wear sturdy shoes, comfy clothes that can get dirty, and bring a gardening stool if you need one Lots of crouching and kneeling will be involved in this trip. You’ll need money to pay for the berries that you pick. Fee covers transportation only. We’ll aim for strawberry season in June and blueberry season in July. These dates are weather dependent. Please select if you will be driving yourself or using USRC Transportation.

Registration Deadline: June 7, June 20Berry Picking

Iowa Cubs-Principal Park Tour (Ages 55+) - Free, Transportation $10

The Iowa Cubs staff will take us around the stadium showing us the ins/outs of the Cubs Minor League Triple A baseball park. We will leave at 9:30 AM from the USRC, take our tour at 10:00-11:00 AM, then shop in the Iowa Cubs Store or explore more until 11:30 AM. We will arrive back to the USRC around Noon.

Registration Deadline: June 30Principal Park

Canoe Experience at Jester Park (Ages 55+) - $5, Transportation $10

Polk County Conservation staff will take us through a guided lesson experience. Participants will experience and learn the basic strokes and safety for canoeing. Please wear clothes that can get wet. If you prefer to meet us at Jester Park, please note that in your registration. The lesson will begin at 1:00 PM.

Registration Deadline: June 23Canoe Expreience

Valley Junction Farmers Market (Ages 55+) - $10

Let's go visit the 2022 Valley Junction Farmers Market, an annual tradition stretching back to the mid-1970s now in its 34th season in the current format. Spend an hour hunting for fresh veggies, local crafts and sampling food truck wares. Registration includes transportation, please bring money for Market purchases.

Registration Deadline: June 30Valley Junction

Middlebrook Agrihood in Cumming (Ages 55+) - Free, Transportation is $10

Middlebrook, Iowa’s first agrihood, provides both urban and rural experiences to provide a unique opportunity for its residents to integrate agriculture into their neighborhood. Located in Cumming, the development offers a unique experience in the Des Moines metro. We will be able to see the sites and receive an overview of the concept. We will be hosted at The Middlebrook Mercantile which will have wine, beer, other non alcoholic beverages and charcuterie type items for purchase. The garden stand is also open daily (cash only). Tour begins at 2:30 if you are driving yourself to Middlebrook. Please select in the registration if you will be driving yourself or using USRC transportation.

Registration Deadline: July 28Middlebrook Agrihood

Older Iowans Day at the State Fair (Ages 55+) - $20

Register to ride with us to the fairgrounds for a day of fun, rain or shine! Fee includes transportation and admission to the fair. Limited space available.

Registration Deadline Wed. August 10Iowa State Fair

Reiman Garden Tour (Ages 55+) - $40

We're traveling to Reiman Gardens! Along with general admission to the gardens, we will also get a guided tour and a special program on their stunning annual exhibit! We'll end the day with a late lunch at Hickory Park and then head back to the USRC.

Registration Deadline: September 2ndReiman Gardens

Dining Club (Ages 55+) - $10

Join us as we travel all over central Iowa for some amazing eats! We will visit those small town, hole-in-the-wall restaurants we've all heard about, but never tried. Registration includes transportation. Please bring money for your lunch.

Monarca Mexican Restaurant in Knoxville: Thursday, May 5

209 Main in Paton: Monday, June 6

Registration Deadlines: April 28, May 27, July 5

Please see the future USRC Newsletters for more details on the following dates for Dining Club: Thursday, August 25, Tuesday, September 20Dining Club

Gold Star Military Museum and Iowa Veterans Cemetery Tour  (Ages 55+) - Free, Transportation $10

This trip will provide you with the opportunity to see some of Central Iowa’s facilities committed to honoring our veterans. Our first stop will be the Gold Star Museum. The Iowa Gold Star Military Museum's mission is to honor and depict the military experience of Iowa citizens in all wars, homeland defense and Iowa service. The Museum’s purpose is to collect, preserve and exhibit materials that illustrate the story of Iowa’s military past from statehood to the present. Next we’ll head to the Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Adel where we’ll receive a brief overview of the first federally funded construction of a state-owned and operated veterans cemetery in the State of Iowa. 

If you are planning to drive yourself, please note that in your registration.

Registration Deadline: August 25Iowa Gold Star Military Museum