Adaptive Programs (Spring/Summer)

Adaptive Baseball/Softball (ages 5-21) - $50

Introducing our new baseball/softball program at the Miracle League field. We will be playing the game, including 3 outs, balls/strikes but adapted for the pace of your participant. Plus, this year, a home and away baseball/softball game with the Ankeny baseball/softball team. 

Minor League/Teams Sports: No matter your ability (physical,cognitive or emotional), if you have a desire to play with a team this is your league. Pace and play will be adapted for all abilities including those in chairs, walkers and any other supports.
Major League/Champs Sports: This league is designed for kids who want to compete but just need it at a different level. Great opportunity for those with Asperger's, High functioning Autism, ADHD.   
Registration Deadline: July 1

Miracle field of Urbandale - Girl Rounding Bases

Adaptive Soccer (ages 5-21) - $50

EveryBODY deserves a chance to get in the game. Join our soccer program where we spend part of the time on the skills to adapted to your participants ability. Then we play the game! Each week learn new skills, learn teamwork and meet new friends! 

Plus, this year, a soccer match home and away with the Ankeny soccer team.

Registration Deadline: April 29

Adaptive Soccer with Can Play Sports

Adaptive Track & Field (ages 5-21) - $50

Join our newest program! Come out and run, wheel, jump and throw. Track and Field will include shuttle relay, short distance run/wheelchair race, shot put/javelin and long jump. Adaptations available for ALL abilities.

Registration Deadline: April 29

Combined Adaptive Soccer and Adaptive Track and Field with Can Play Sports

Bike Camp (ages 5-21) - $50

Join us for our Bike Camp…bring your bike, helmet, and let us help kick start you towards independent biking.

Registration Deadlines: April 29, July 1

Bike Camp

Spring Miracle League (Ages 5+)

The Miracle League is a FREE baseball/softball league for children with special needs from age 5 - 18 and adults 19 and older. The Miracle League is just like baseball.

Players will bat, round the bases, catch, throw, and hit Home Runs! There are a few differences in how the game is played.

  • Each player has a buddy that gets to assist them.
  • Each player will bat once each inning.
  • Every player is safe, no one is out.
  • Every player will score a run before the inning is over.
  • The last player up hits a HOME RUN.
  • Every game ends in a tie.
  • A game will last two innings or an hour.
  • Special rubberized playing surface.

Urbandale Parks and Recreation will assign players to teams after registration is complete. Each team will need at least two parent coaches.

Registration Deadline: April 18

Miracle Field

Summer Camp (ages 5-21) - $50

Join us for Summer Camp, group games, sports skills, super hero training, and more!

Registration Deadlines: June 6, July 11

Adaptive Track and Field with Can Play Sports