Youth Programs (Spring/Summer)

Creativity and Innovation Camp (Ages 8-13) - $195

Drake University professors Chris Porter (Artificial Intelligence) and Chris Snider (Digital Media) will teach this two-day camp in conjunction with the Drake University Innovation Studio. Campers will get a chance to try out 3D printing, program robots, create buttons, design stickers, carve with a CNC machine, heat-press t-shirts and more. Campers should bring lunch. Please indicate your t-shirt size when signing up. Registration Deadline: July 19

Kid Playing in VR

Arts in the Parks (ages 6-11) - $10

 Garden Critters: You will have the choice of creating a garden critter, a clay pot critter, garden snakes, or decorations. We will provide you with the supplies you'll need to dress up your garden! Registration Deadline: July 20

Art in the Parks

Basketball Skills (ages 5-6) - $45

A fun basketball clinic for 5 and 6 year old's that focus on dribbling, passing, teamwork, and building confidence. Registration Deadline:  August 8

Basketball Skills

Creative Genius Art (grades K-5) - $68

Creative Geniuses is an engaging, educational, and student led art program. We will use a new medium each week including drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students will learn technical skills while making personally meaningful art. We will bring imagination to life through an artistic process and creative habitats that can be used beyond the classroom. Registration Deadline: July 13

Creative Genius Summer Art

Creative Genius PreK Art Play (ages 3-5) - $45

Draw, paint, sculpt, sew, and more! We will make personally meaningful art while learning technical skills and developing creative habits. These skills promote a color-full life personally, socially, and academically. Registration Deadline: July 13

Creative Genius Pre-k

Little Athletes (ages 3-5) - $45

A fun sports clinic to start learning the beginner skills of various sports to turn children into little athletes. Registration Deadline: August 8

Little Athletes

Magicamp (ages 5-12) - $40

Magicamp is for anyone who likes to have fun. You'll learn how to entertain & amaze your friends, family, and classmates with magic that you can do anywhere, at any time and for the rest of your life. Join professional magician Lee Cole for a fun-filled Saturday. All magic materials provided! Registration Deadlines: August 8

Children participating in MagiCamp

Martial Arts (ages 8+) - $80

Join Jim Douglas, 6th degree black belt and Master Instructor. Learn a traditional martial art that stresses self-defense, physical fitness, self-control and discipline. This is full martial arts incorporating principles from karate, hap ki do, tae kwon do and kempo. The program is for ages 8 and above and the techniques taught are adaptable to any age or physical level. Program for Beginners or Advanced. This is what makes this program different from other martial arts programs! This is a year-round program and you may join anytime. Registration Deadlines: August 1

Martial Arts

Outdoor Adventures brought to you by SCHEELS (Ages 8-12) - $30

Get out of the house and learn some new outdoor skills. Do you want to learn how to fish? Would you like to create your own survival bracelet and learn how to pitch a tent? How about Archery? Learn how to hit a target while shooting a bow and arrow? The professionals from SCHEELS will help you learn all these outdoor skills. You will be quite the outdoorsman by the end of the week. On top of that, there will be prizes and snacks each day. Space is limited, so sign up quickly. Registration Deadline: July 12

Outdoor Adventures

Storytime in the Park (all Ages!) - FREE

The Parks and Recreation Department and the Urbandale Library have partnered together to bring you Storytime! Come enjoy stories, songs, rhymes and other activities that delight and entertain as well as encourage the love of reading. Storytime will happen each Tuesday morning at 10:00 am and Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. at a different park each week. Try to visit them all! No registration required!

Storytime in the Park

Summer Take Home Activity Kits (ages 4+) - $15

These craft kits include fun themed activities to do at home! Registration Deadline:  One week before delivery

Summer Take home Activity Kits

Summer Tennis (ages 6-18) - $30

Each participant should wear clothing to fit the weather and be prepared to exercise. Participants provide their own racquet; tennis balls will be provided. Registration Deadline: One week before session begins


SuperKids All Sports Camp (ages 3-5) - $25

A perfect introductory sports program for your little ones, SuperKids AllSport Camps will introduce multiple sports throughout the four days while focusing on physical activity. Through interactive games, drills, obstacles, and exercises, your kiddos will have fun staying active while learning the basic fundamentals of sports including basketball, tennis, track and field, volleyball, gymnastics, and more. These camps will be both educational and age-appropriate. Equipment for each sport will be provided, so all you need is tennis shoes and a water bottle! Registration Deadline: July 11

Kids basketball

Sylvan Sample (Pre-K - 11th Grade) - $199

This unique and individual 15 hour camp is offered only through Urbandale Parks and Rec. Looking for an academic boost or enrichment this spring and summer that has an emotional and social focus! Search no more; this one of a kind academic camp will pinpoint your child's own individual reading or math skill gaps with the Sylvan Insight Assessment to ensure they are working on skills they truly need improvement on and watch your child increase their motivation and self-confidence!  Have access to your students' academic program 24/7 with

Looking for some STEAM interaction this spring and summer! We will have STEAM brain boosters and activities throughout their entire week of learning!  Registration Deadline: August 1Sylvan Sample

Tennis RED BALL - Lifetime (ages 4-8) - $75

Children learn the basic elements of tennis through a combination of techniques and partner-based activities to develop hand/eye coordination, motor skills, and sending/receiving the ball. Team competition is introduced. The use of specially designed equipment and professional instruction offer an age range appropriate, positive, and fun experience. Registration Deadlines: August 1, August 29Red Ball Tennis

Tennis ORANGE BALL - Lifetime (Ages 8-10)  - $75

Children start to refine their technical mechanics. Competition is emphasized more, including the basic strategic and tactical concepts of singles and doubles play. Registration Deadline: August 1, August 29Orange Ball Tennis

Tennis GREEN BALL - Lifetime (Ages 10-12)  - $75

Classes are geared for children capable of maintaining a consistent rally on a full court. Players will continue to refine the technical, tactical, and physical foundation established in prior stages. Players will be better able to execute patterns of play, vary the spin and depth of their shots, and select the correct footwork pattern to strike the ball. Registration Deadlines: August 1, August 29Green Ball Tennis

Tennis Yellow Ball/ HS JV Development - Lifetime (Ages 13-18) - $75

Players in the initial levels of Development will be introduced to stroke mechanics and transition to the refinement of these strokes.  As players advance through the levels of Development, more advanced techniques with a larger array of shots will be addressed to implement match play strategies. It is recommended that players at the upper level of Development enter tournaments regularly to test their skills in a competitive setting. Registration Deadline: August 1, August 29Developmental Tennis

Tennis Jr High/HS Yellow Ball Clinics (ages 13-18) - $110

This clinic is for those players who are looking to start in tournament play, can hold a rally, and understand the basic mechanics. We hold emphasis on point play strategy, point construction and pattern development. Registration Deadline:  June 30, July 28Tennis

Tot Basketball (ages 3-5) - $45

Tot musical and fitness classes focus on academic, athletic and agility skills. Kids learn ball handling and dribbling skills that will help with fundamentals of future sports while enhancing hand-eye coordination and brain use! Registration Deadlines:  August 8 

Tot Basketball (Ages 3-5)