What information will the ambulance need?

When you call 911 for an ambulance there are several items that the Medics need to further the care of you or the patient.  This information will help us when treating the illness or injury.  By having this information available when we arrive it will make it will facilitate treatment and registration at the receiving hospital. 

It is also good practice to have this same information in a Vial-of-Life that is placed in the door of the refrigerator.  EMS providers will check the refrigerator or ask you about a Vial-of-Life upon our arrival.  Contact your local pharmacy or the American Red Cross for a Vial-of-Life. 

The following is a list of the items that we need to better serve you or the patient:

  • A current list of medications
  • Patient's medical history
  • Patient's list of allergies
  • Patient's medical alerts or special needs
  • Patient's Do Not Resuscitation orders
  • What hospital to take the patient to
  • Patient's Social Security Number
  • Name of patient's family doctor and/or specialty doctor
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