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2010 Census: Urbandale's 2010 Census population is 39,463 persons.  Urbandale is now the 12th largest city in Iowa.  The increase of 10,391 persons since the 2000 Census made it Iowa's second-fastest growing city over the decade. Urbandale's population in Polk County increased by 4,381 persons over the decade, including 3,551 persons in neighborhoods located west of the Interstate.  Urbandale's population in Dallas County increased to 6,337 persons, from just 327 persons in 2000.  Altogether, new neighborhoods to the west of the Interstate accounted for 92% of Urbandale's population growth in the decade.  Most of Urbandale's residential growth over the next decade is expected to be in Dallas County.

The State of Iowa's population grew by 4.1% since the 2000 Census, which was faster than the Midwest region but slower than the National 9.7% growth rate.

Prior Censuses:  In addition to 2010 Census data, Census information contains selected 2000 Census tables, 2005 Special Census information, and limited historic Census comparisons to other cities in the Metro Area and nearby.  Quick Census Facts provides frequently used Census information (2 pages), with comparative data from 1980 to 2010.  The 2005 Special Census has breakdowns by Census Tracts and some detail, but is mostly limited to population, household counts, age cohorts,and race.  Please note that 2000 and 2010 Census maps are not identical, if comparing Census tract or block data.

If desired information isn't in the select tables and maps on the City's site, all available Census maps and data from the 2010, 2000, and 1990 Censuses can be downloaded from the US Census Bureau's American FactFinder web site.  Some Census data can also be obtained from the State Library of Iowa's Data Center.

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