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Posted on: January 2, 2018

Urbandale Tree Board is Seeking New Member

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The Tree Board consists of 5 members who must be residents of Urbandale and serve in an advisory capacity to the Parks and Recreation Commission. Members are appointed by the Mayor, approved by the City Council and serve 3-year terms.

Areas of Focus

  • A representative attends 3 to 5 board meetings per year
  • Encourages the protection and enhancement of the City tree population
  • Submits recommended guidelines to the Parks and Recreation Commission that govern the planting of tree species in public parkland and rights-of-way
  • Recommends an annual tree planting program that is approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission
  • As requested, reviews matters regarding the planting and maintenance of trees on public property and rights-of-way
  • Be available, on occasion, to attend Friends of the Park meetings and other Parks and Recreation events to promote the Tree Board.

If interested in volunteering please visit: http://www.urbandale.org/FormCenter/City-Clerk-5/Application-to-Serve-on-City-Board-Commi-46

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