Bond Referendum Vote - Fire Station No. 43 & Associated Fuel Station

Urbandale residents are asked to vote on November 7, 2017 to give the City authorization to sell $6 Million in bonds for the construction of a third fire station (Fire Station No. 43) and an associated fuel station.  This project is planned within the City's Capital Improvements Program (CIP).  However, by Iowa law the City is required to hold a vote to issue debt to build this new fire station and associated fuel station.  The bond referendum vote must receive 60.1% approval to pass.  To learn more about the vote and project, please download the informational brochure.  

To help facilitate the conceptual design of the new fire station and associated fuel station the City hired FEH Design.  After significant fire department and resident input, the conceptual design and cost estimate was completed in July 2017.  Both the fire and fuel stations would be located on current City owned land.  The third fire station would be located at 152nd Street and Meredith Drive and the fuel station would be located at 170th Street and Waterford Road.      

Community Meetings:  

The City is holding six (6) community meetings.  Meeting will be open house format so community members may come and go at their convenience.  Representatives from the Fire Department, FEH Design and the City of Urbandale will be on hand to answer questions and discuss the referendum.