The fastest way to learn about Urbandale is to hear about it from those that have invested and continue to thrive here.  Below are testimonials from four business leaders about the value of locating their business in Urbandale.


Jeremiah Terhark

Owner/Founder of Webspec Design

“Urbandale has been a great long term place to settle and grow our business. I truly feel that the local businesses, local community, and the city offices support each other and work to make everyone in the community stronger."

"Our fellow businesses really helped us grow Webspec through their word of mouth and loyalty to working with local businesses. I don’t think we’d be where we are today without the support those referrals brought us in both sales and in hard working associates.”


Mark Anderson

President of Anderson Properties

"Urbandale is well positioned for tremendous commercial growth.  Tech, Bio Tech and other upcoming industries are finding Urbandale is a great place to work.  The ease of access for employees to come and go from Urbandale is unbeatable.  It has been exciting to see the new things coming in Urbandale over the past 20 years, and it’s going to keep coming.  You should be a part of it."

"Urbandale has been everything to our company. As a commercial real estate development firm we are nearly exclusive to the Urbandale area. We’ve seen tremendous support from the local community in both residents and city government.  Both Anderson Properties and the City Government of Urbandale have experienced similar growing pains as we have matured over the years, it’s neat to look back and see how far we both have come."


Kimberly Baeth

President of Golden Openings, Inc.

"Urbandale is close to everything and connected perfectly within the Des Moines Metro area.  Our office, located in central Urbandale is one to two miles from a majority of our key vendors.  This is important, as we help hundreds of customers all over the world celebrate their own grand openings, ground-breakings and special events.  Those customers expect immediate results. In Urbandale, we are positioned to succeed!"

"The City, Chamber, staff, Mayor and elected officials go above and beyond to promote their city and are eager to assist everyone, at all times and in a timely fashion. They are positive, hardworking and promote growth and city pride at all times."

Douglas Freeman-Headshot

Douglas Freeman

President and CEO of ADi Group

"Urbandale values and cares about all its corporate and residential citizens; and seeks input and involvement from all for the betterment of the entire community."

"Seventy percent of ADi Group’s Team of Colleagues live in Urbandale or just outside of Urbandale city limits.  I believe such close proximity to work and home is valued as a benefit by many. Our greatest resource is our people; and creating an environment that can balance home and work life is important to me and I believe a key component of why ADi Group is regarded nationally as an Industry leader.  Residing in Urbandale has been a valuable asset towards that success."