PCC Patching Program-Urbandale Ave and City Hall

Project Description

The 2016 PCC Program - Urbandale Avenue would provide approximately 6,952 square yards of concrete pavement to be replaced at 58 locations.  The repairs will take place on 70th Street south of Douglas Avenue and on Urbandale Avenue. Additional repairs will be made to the parking lot and circulation roads around the City Hall complex and the Library. It is anticipated that all of the work would be completed by September 23, 2016.

Project Status Update - 9/28/2016

The remaining patches for the City Hall parking lot are the parking stalls north of the library, and near the south entrance at the intersection of Colby Parkway and 86th Street, please see map below for the locations of these patches.  Both remaining patches are to poured over a weekend yet to be determined.  The south entrance at Colby Pkwy will be fully operational at all times.   

The Urbandale Avenue & 70th Street portion of this project has been substantially completed with minor finish work and restoration to be completed.

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