Urbandale Home Efficiency Program

The Urbandale Home Efficiency Program is a cooperative effort between the City of Urbandale and MidAmerican Energy Company.  The program helps homeowners learn how energy efficient their homes are and what improvements can be made to save them money.  

FAQ's about the Urbandale Home Efficiency Program:

Who is eligible for the program?
All homes located within the target neighborhood are eligible for the Urbandale Home Efficiency Program.  
Where is the target neighborhood?
The 2016-2017 target neighborhood is north of Douglas Avenue, between 64th Street and 70th Street, south of Aurora Avenue.
My home is located in the target neighborhood.  What should I do?
Call the MidAmerican Energy Company at 1-800-545-0762 to find out if you home had a HomeCheck assessment or to schedule a HomeCheck assessment.  Either way, please let them know you are in the Urbandale Home Efficiency Program.  
Map of the 2016-2017 Target Neighborhood
I had my HomeCheck assessment, now what?
Your HomeCheck provided you with a number of improvements that could be done to improve your home's efficiency and lower your monthly utility costs.  The MidAmerican energy Company provides a number of rebates for efficiency improvements, such as new appliances, upgrading or tuning up heating and cooling systems, improved insulation and home sealing.  MidAmerican rebate forms were included within your HomeCheck paperwork and can be found online too at - www.midamericanenergy.com.  
What if my HomeCheck recommends insulation improvements?
The Urbandale Home Efficiency Program can provide you with up front financing with a 2-year 0% interest loan to complete those recommended insulation improvements.    
How do I apply for the 0% interest loan?
The Program is working with 3 local insulation vendors to provide up front financing for insulation improvements.  The City of Urbandale will pay the vendor you select directly for the full cost of the improvement.  The City will then receive the MidAmerican rebate and set up a loan for the difference.  You would need to:
  1. Schedule an estimate with one of the 2 program vendors and receive a copy of the vendor's estimate, then;
  2. Complete the Urbandale Home Efficiency Program Application, which includes providing a:
    • Signed Hold Harmless Agreement;
    • Signed MidAmerican Release waiver;
    • Copy of your vendor estimate;
    • Copy of your HomeCheck paperwork noting the insulation recommendation.
Who are the 2 local insulation vendors?
  • L&L Home Solutions: 1-515-868-5400
  • Rich Quigley Construction Inc.: 1-515-229-2525
Can I use a vendor not listed above?
No, the vendors listed above have met both City of Urbandale and MidAmerican Energy HomeCheck program requirements.  
Is there a deadline to apply for the 0% interest loan?
The Urbandale Home Efficiency Program runs from September 2016 through May 2017.  Applications will be accepted as long as the program has funds available during this period. 
I've applied for the Program, when can I complete my insulation improvement?
The City will review your application and provide an answer within 10 days of submission.  The City will contact both you and the selected vendor once your Program application is approved.  You will then schedule a mutually agreed upon time for the vendor to install you insulation. 
Is there are deadline to complete my insulation improvement?
Yes, insulation improvements should be completed within 60-days of the 2016-2017 program deadline, which would be July 31, 2017. 
I've had my insulation improvement completed, now what?
Congratulations.  The City must receive the signed MidAmerican Energy Insulation and Home Sealing Application from the vendor (or you if left at the property by the vendor).  The City will then complete the MidAmerican rebate form and loan application between you and the City.  The document can be signed at a mutually agreed time between you and the City.  The City will receive and pay the invoice from the vendor.  The City will also receive the MidAmerican rebate.  
How much will my loan amount be for?
The loan agreement will be for the vendor's invoice amount, less the MidAmerican rebate.  The loan will be payable quarterly, over a 24-month period at 0% interest.    
When will my loan repayment start?
Loans will be payable the quarter following the quarter in which the insulation improvement was completed.  Quarters are January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.  For example, an improvement completed in September would be billed in October and an improvement completed in October would be billed in January.  Payment is due 30 days after being billed.  
I have more questions, who can I contact?
For more information contact John Konior, program administrator, at 515-331-6703 or by email.