Block Parties

The Urbandale Police Department encourages neighborhood block parties. This is an opportunity for residents to get together with their neighbors and get to know each other better.
A police officer and a group of citizens enjoying a block party event
Building Strong Neighborhoods
The block parties are a great way to build relationships with each other and to form a stronger neighborhood. A strong neighborhood helps to deter crime. Having a block party will allow you to block off the street, allowing for an easier opportunity for kids to play and families to interact with each other.

Community Outreach
In 2009, the police department began sending officers on duty out to these block parties to interact with the neighborhoods and residents. The Urbandale Police Department is committed to reaching out to our community and the residents within each neighborhood.

Please feel free to ask questions of these officers and submit any comments to Community Relations Officer Melissa Waalk at 515-331-6804 or by email.