Biennial Citizen Survey

The City of Urbandale conducts a biennial (every other year) citizen survey. The survey asks residents to indicate their level of satisfaction with city services, ranging from police services to community growth.

2016 Citizen Survey

The 2016 Citizen Survey is taking place September and October 2016.  The survey notification postcard were mailed to all 1,500 households receiving a survey on September 19, 2016.  The survey will be mailed on September 26, 2016.  All surveys must be received by November 7, 2016 to be counted in the 2016 Citizen Survey report.  Questions?  Please read the Questions Frequently Asked by Residents document.  Still have questions?  Please contact City Hall at 515-278-3900.  

2013 Citizen Survey Results

Urbandale partnered with the National Citizen Survey (NCS) to conduct the 2013 Urbandale Citizen Survey. The NCS also conducted the city's 2011 and 2009 surveys. The 2013 survey was mailed to 1,200 random households in Urbandale. In total, 360 completed surveys were received, which yielded at response rate of 30%. The survey was designed to yield a traditional confidence level of 95%, with a margin of error of + or - 5%.
Quality of Life
The overall quality of life in the city (PDF) was rated "excellent" or "good" by 93% of our residents. This rating has remained the same since the 2009 survey results. Additionally, 97% of respondents rated Urbandale as "excellent (53%) or "good" (44%) as a place to live. The vast majority (89%) of residents believe the overall quality of city services received are "excellent" or "good."
2013 Overall Quality of Life Chart
The 3 highest rated services were Fire/EMS (97%), Public Library (95%), and garbage collection (93%). The 3 lowest rated services were bus or transit services (59%), street repair (60%), and traffic signal timing (63%).
Trends Over Time
The survey reports also discuss trends over time (PDF), comparing the 2013 ratings for the city to its previous survey results in 2009 and 2011. Overall, ratings in Urbandale for 2013 generally remained stable. Of the 91 items for which comparisons were available:
  • 5 showed an increase in ratings
  • 8 items showed a decrease
  • 78 items were rated similarly
2013 Place to Live Chart
Urbandale chose to use NRC's comparative resident opinion database to benchmark Urbandale's responses (PDF) to other municipalities. The city's results were noted as above the benchmark, below the benchmark or similar to the benchmark. Of the 131 characteristics surveyed
  • 9 were rated below to the benchmark
  • 47 characteristics were rated above the benchmark
  • 75 were similar to the benchmark
Demographic Subgroups
The city also cross tabulated survey questions by demographic characteristics (PDF), which included number of years in Urbandale, presence of children 17 or under in the household, age and gender. Notable differences between demographic subgroups include:
  • Families with children under 17 years of age rated recreation and wellness higher.
  • Females supported recreation programs/facilities more.
  • Residents age 55 or older gave more positive ratings across questions asked.
  • Residents living in Urbandale 20 plus years being more likely to rate Urbandale higher.
Geographic Subgroups
Additionally, the city cross tabulated survey questions by geographic area (PDF), east or west of Interstate 35/80. Notable differences between geographic subgroups include:
  • Both east and west Urbandale residents rated participation opportunities to them similarly.
  • East Urbandale residents gave more positive assessments to Urbandale services.
2011 & Other Past Survey Results
Urbandale conducted an in-house survey in 1999, 2002, 2004, and 2006. The NCS was used to conduct the 2009 and 2011 surveys. Review these past survey result reports.