Jobs & Volunteering

  1. Volunteering

    The dictionary defines volunteer as “to offer [oneself or one’s service] for some undertaking or purpose, or a person who voluntarily offers himself/herself to a service.” The hundreds of volunteers who offer their time and service to the city are a key asset of our community.

  2. Work for Urbandale

    Become a member of the Urbandale team. Learn more about employment with the City of Urbandale and search current job opportunities.

  3. Urbandale Community Action Network (UCAN)

    The Urbandale Community Action Network (UCAN) is a citizen group providing leadership and ongoing support for comprehensive community-based action to improve the quality of life in Urbandale.

  4. Urbandale Food Pantry

    The Urbandale Food Pantry is a collaborative community effort to reach out to our neighbors to provide food assistance with dignity and compassion.