1. Alerts

    Sign up to get announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you / your phone through email or text message.

  2. City Map (PDF)

    Download a map of the City of Urbandale.

  3. Community Contact Information

    The resident guide provides contact information to frequently requested services. This PDF document provides contact information on City, County and State services.

  4. Community Events

    Review calendars for events on the community and/or department level.

  5. Community News

    Keep up with current news and announcements regarding the and/or community.

  6. Controlled Bow Hunting

    Find out information on Urbandale's Urban Controlled Bow Hunting program.

  7. Des Moines Social Club

    The Des Moines Social Club is an innovative arts and entertainment venue located in a renovated, historic art deco Firehouse in downtown Des Moines. The non-profit provides a home for local artists, offers unique programming spanning all arts disciplines, and brings people of every age and background together under one roof — all for the purpose to use the arts as a catalyst to create unprecedented community engagement.

  8. Emergency Services

    Learn about the emergency services provided through the city.

  9. Metro Home Improvement Program

    The Metro Home Improvement Program's purpose is to preserve affordable housing stock in Urbandale. The program is administered by the City of West Des Moines and includes the participation of nine other metro cities. The program has income and property restrictions to qualify for assistance.

  10. Park Map (PDF)

    Download a map of the parks and trails maintained by the city.

  11. Parks & Facilities

    Check out the parks, facilities, and amenity listings, sometimes available for rent or reservation.

  12. Polk County Master Gardener Program

    The Master Gardener program is a volunteer service training program whereby adults are given advanced training in horticulture in exchange for volunteer service to the community. Urbandale has a Master Gardener project.

  13. Schools

    Residents in Urbandale are served by 6 local school districts.

  14. Senior Recreation Center

    The Urbandale Senior Recreation Center offers activities Monday through Friday. The Center offers something for everyone. A balanced meal is served on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  15. Urbandale's History

    The city originated primarily as a “street car suburb,” with a scattering of coal mines also providing employment to some early residents while other miners used the streetcar line to reach the mines.

  16. Veterans Memorial

    The Urbandale Veterans Memorial was dedicated on November 12, 2012. The Urbandale Veterans Memorial is a partnership between the Urbandale Community Action Network (UCAN), Urbandale Friends of the Parks, the City of Urbandale and private sponsorships.

  17. Volunteering

    The dictionary defines volunteer as “to offer [oneself or one’s service] for some undertaking or purpose, or a person who voluntarily offers himself/herself to a service.” The hundreds of volunteers who offer their time and service to the city are a key asset of our community.

  18. 2016 Citizen Survey

    2016 Urbandale Citizen Survey